Monday, June 23, 2008

On the Ultra Road Again

my original plan had me training in the wind river range. i've heard so many good things about these mountains it was time to give them a shot.. and i still might later in the month (if the snow ever melts). but a few days before the big horn 50 miler lisa smith batchen asked if i'd come join her in the tetons as a coach at her ultrarunning camp. this in effect was an an offer i couldn't refuse.

so here i am, once again in the tetons. man i love this place..


Gary Robbins said...

Damn that looks nice! I'm gonna need a trail running tour guide in the near soon as I win the loto I'm going on a non stop trail running trip!

Laura H said...

Say hey to Chandler G. there at camp from his buddy Laura. And tell him to stop being so creepy...he'll know what you mean.

Hart said...

i just woke up and made coffee for me and my roomate.. creepy chandler!

Laura H said...

Watch out for Creepy, Matt...he's a bad influence! I predict he'll be kicking some major butt in the near future.