Monday, June 30, 2008

Badwater Training for Bob

bob becker is an amazing athlete. at 63 he's doing his second badwater. which is "the worlds toughest foot race" at 135 miles through death valley in july heat. he came to ultrarunning camp and blew my mind. i can only wish to be half the athlete he is at 63.. anyway yesterday after camp, and a morning run lisa had a special training session for bob in preparation for badwater (which is just 2 weeks away now). so he donned the white badwater suit and we power hiked up and ran down teton pass twice! yes, twice.. once up 22 and once up the old pass road (over 5,000ft of gain).

good luck at badwater bob!!.. oh and say hi to my friend jen segger if you see her! good luck to you too jen!

1 comment:

Bob Gentile said...

Bad ass Bob looks ready for BW, GO BOB GO!!

Great Pics!! Thx