Monday, June 30, 2008

Badwater Training for Bob

bob becker is an amazing athlete. at 63 he's doing his second badwater. which is "the worlds toughest foot race" at 135 miles through death valley in july heat. he came to ultrarunning camp and blew my mind. i can only wish to be half the athlete he is at 63.. anyway yesterday after camp, and a morning run lisa had a special training session for bob in preparation for badwater (which is just 2 weeks away now). so he donned the white badwater suit and we power hiked up and ran down teton pass twice! yes, twice.. once up 22 and once up the old pass road (over 5,000ft of gain).

good luck at badwater bob!!.. oh and say hi to my friend jen segger if you see her! good luck to you too jen!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

DreamChasers Ultrarunning Camp - Day 4

our last day with this amazing group.

camper dusty posted some great blogs on the camp if you want to read some more (including some tire pulling photos!).

DreamChasers Ultrarunning Camp - Day 3

Thursday, June 26, 2008

DreamChasers Ultrarunning Camp - Day 1

ultrarunning camp is a blast. coaching with jay and lisa has been a lot of fun. they are amazing teachers. the groups is very diverse and eager to learn... and the terrain, the scenary.. my goodness - it could not be better. we're sleeping at 8,000ft at the grand targhee resort and running at altitude - it is perfect. i am truly in my element here. i'll let the pictures tell the rest of the days story.

Monday, June 23, 2008

On the Ultra Road Again

my original plan had me training in the wind river range. i've heard so many good things about these mountains it was time to give them a shot.. and i still might later in the month (if the snow ever melts). but a few days before the big horn 50 miler lisa smith batchen asked if i'd come join her in the tetons as a coach at her ultrarunning camp. this in effect was an an offer i couldn't refuse.

so here i am, once again in the tetons. man i love this place..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big Horn 50 Mile Race Report, June 2008

for two years in a row i signed up for the big horn 100 miler and injured myself in preparation for the race. last year i showed up and won the 50km instead (the freshman race). this year i showed up and won the 50 miler (the jv race).

i love these mountains and this terrain. but what keeps me coming back is the race. michelle and her race crew do a great job and there is an ultra community feel to the races. the races are staggered so the 30km, 50km, 50 mile and 100 mile races all finish in the same afternoon in scott park. burgers, music and lots of worked runners all hanging out in the sun comparing war stories - perfect.

doing this race at all was sort of a last second thing. there was a hip injury i had to let heal, then the guide job, etc. i didn't have high hopes going in and since i won i've subsiquently been called a "sandbagger". but the 3 weeks prior were not promising. i had run and been dropped by all my friends - roch horton and karl meltzer in salt lake city, rod bien and sean meissner in bend. so my gauge on my fitness was... it's not good, and won't be good enough to win a 50 miler. i just figured it would be fun and a great training run if nothing else. in hind sight it was the travel, training and altitude that had me tired and with a proper taper it all came together.

ok the race...
6am start out of dry fork at about 8,000ft. as we ran down to cow camp (aid station 1) i headed out first. after a few minutes there were two other guys with me; seattle billygoat bill huggins and a guy i had battle with last year in the 50km race cameron hanes (if you see an underarmor billboard with a guy running it's cam).

after 45min or so bill stopped to "make a deposit". as we ran the over 3,000ft vertical downhill in 18 miles i was able to shake cam too. the first drop bags were at footbridge aid station mile 18. i was in and out grabbing two new bottles of lemon lime nuun and 6 new clif shots.

as i started my ascent i thought to myself "anyone can run down here as fast as i did, the real race starts on this climb". i probably had just 5-7 minutes on cam, and bill was 1 minute behind him. the climb out felt pretty good. my goal was to run everything, which i did sans the 4-5 stupid steep sections. my diesel engine was working hard but comfy as i headed back up to dry fork and mile 34 drop bags. i had quite a few opportunities to look back over pretty long stretches of trail and never saw another 50 mile runner. in fact, mile 18 footbridge was the last time i saw another 50 mile competitor. this seems great, but in reality i had to play some mental games with myself to keep moving fast. that was my struggle for this 50 mile race.

running up to dry fork at mile 34 i had some twinges of calf cramping, not uncommon for the first hot race of the season. kevin was there to help me and i had him do a double tab of lemon lime nuun in my nathan thermal quickdraws. with just 16 miles left and no one in sight behind me i knew the race was mine to lose.

i climbed pretty well up into the tongue river canyon and had my quads tenderized by the beautiful singletrack 3,000+ foot descent. hitting the dreaded last 5 miles of dirt/paved road i just focused on quick turn over and held onto sub 8/min miles which i thought was good (at least it felt fast). i was pretty excited to get the win and it was awesome to have ty and angle there to congratulate me - thanks guys!

first place female and me recieving our rock awards

the montrail streaks were the perfect shoe for the terrain

final results

Friday, June 20, 2008

2008 Big Horn 100 Miler - June, 2008

pre-race photos
jeff browning and jamie gifford

justin angle getting ready to rock

ty draney and his buddy eric taft (who ran the 50 miler)

serious firepower

the stage was set for an epic battle. jeff browning was back after a year off. he had won the 100 miler in 2005 and 2006. justin angle showed up from seattle as fit as i've ever seen him. honestly, training with him and watching his training log blew my mind. massive volume and impressive speed work all wrapped into one prepared seattlite. and the sentimental favorite ty draney was back to break the "curse of browning". the two years browning won ty took second. to round it out we had savvy vets jamie gifford and roch horton in the mix. if the front runners beat each other up too bad they'd surely sneak in there for podium spots.

the race started at 11am in the beautiful sun, just up the tongue river road.

as you can see in the video ty, angle, browning and a guy from bozeman showed up together at the first drop bag location mile 18. they were 30 minutes ahead of the course record"ish" splits.

after this i had to get to bed for my 3am wakeup call for my 50 mile race. but apparently browning made a move at like mile 40 (which is early in a 100) and ran scared the rest of his race. jeff finished in 18:56, with justin in at 19:26 and ty in at 19:54. just about 30 minutes behind each other... competitive to say the least, and some very impressive running by all three of them.

although i didn't see jamie gifford after the race i heard he dropped. apparently his hamstring locked up. roch horton finished strong 23:28 - another sub 24hr. the talk after was does that mean roch has to grow back the mustach?

full results

2008 Big Horn 100 & 50 Mile Quick Update

quick post. jeff browning once again won the big horn 100 miler with justin angle coming in second and ty draney in 3rd. i have video i'll post later.

i ended up having a good one and running out front all day for an 8:11 victory in the big horn 50 miler. and seattle billygoat bill huggins took 4th.

great day at the races. more later...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lisa Smith-Batchen's 810

my dear friend lisa smith-batchen is at it again.. running for great causes and raising money to support the aids orphans foundation. see the press release below:

Dreamchasers Contact:
Ted Archer
Press Relations


World Class Athlete to Attempt “Death Valley 810”

in Support of AIDS Orphans Lisa Smith-Batchen to Run 302 Miles, Bike 508 to Benefit 'AIDS Orphans Rising' Grand Tetons, ID – June 4, 2008 – Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventures, an organization that helps athletes of all abilities conquer the world’s toughest running events, today announced that its founder has planned an unprecedented running and cycling event to raise money for AIDS Orphans Rising. Lisa Smith-Batchen will run 302 miles and cycle 508 more, all through the Nevada and California deserts, and in temperatures approaching 130 degrees. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to children who have been orphaned as a result of the AIDS virus.

The event is designed to call attention to the fact that there will likely be 25 million AIDS orphans by 2010; the organizers hope to raise awareness and money in order to reduce the starvation, rape, and death that confront many AIDS orphans.

The event will begin on July 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lisa will run to Badwater in Death Valley National Park, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 292 feet below sea level—and the starting point for the world-famous 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon. She will then compete in the official Badwater race, followed by a run to the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States at 14,496 feet. Following the 302-mile run, she will complete the Furnace Creek 508, a 508-mile non-stop cycling event in October.

The 810-mile course is even more aggressive than Lisa’s 2006 “Badwater Double,” a 300-mile run she completed to raise $294,000 for AIDS Orphans Rising.

“There is no greater purpose than helping children who have been orphaned by AIDS,” Smith-Batchen said. “These children lose everything; I am so blessed to have the opportunity to use athletics to raise money for this worthy cause. I have increased the difficulty of this year’s event in hopes that our donors will help us contribute even more to AIDS Orphans Rising than in 2006. Together, we can have an incredible impact on children’s lives.”

Sister Mary Beth Lloyd, founder of AIDS Orphans Rising, said the following of Lisa’s upcoming Death Valley 810: “Lisa is an inspiration to our organization, to me personally, and to so many around the world. Her work with our organization has directly saved countless lives. We wish her the very best with this ambitious endeavor, and we thank her, the entire Dreamchasers crew, and all other donors to this cause for their commitment to helping women and girls avoid poverty, starvation, and death.”

Lisa’s Death Valley 810 in support of AIDS Orphans Rising can be followed via the event’s website at Individuals, endowments, and corporations interested in sponsoring the cause are encouraged to visit the website, contact Dreamchasers at or 208.787.2077, or contact AIDS Orphans Rising directly at

About Dreamchasers and Lisa Smith-Batchen
Lisa founded Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventures, a teaching organization, official representative for some of the world’s toughest ultra-endurance races, and promoter of the Grand Teton Races. One of the most accomplished ultra-runners of all time, Lisa has completed eight Badwater Ultramarathons, one 300-mile Badwater Double, and been the only American woman ever to win Morocco’s 150-mile Marathon Des Sables. She has been featured in the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Runner’s World, Sports Illustrated for Women, and ESPN Magazine. She has also appeared on ESPN, Discovery Channel, NBC’s Nightly News, and Good Morning America. Visit or

About AIDS Orphans Rising

Every 14 seconds a Child Headed Household is formed. This means that every 14 seconds, a child under 18 is left to take care of his or her younger siblings. Where do they live? How do they survive? How will they learn to cope in life—let alone succeed? These are the painful questions that AIDS Orphans Rising tries to address. Founded by Sister Mary-Beth Lloyd of the Religious Teachers Filippini, the organization seeks to provide shelter, food, and other critical assistance to those orphaned by the AIDS virus. Please visit

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fleet Feet Bend Bandit Races

fleet feet bend loves nuun

my boyz at fleet feet bend put on a free trail race each month called the trail bandit series. i was lucky enough to be in town today for the 10 mile kiwa butte crawl on sunday.

ps: i might be moving to bend after my summer adventure!

meissner in full bandit attire

montrail streaks (everybody's wearin' em)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Run By The Mckenzie River

the honda.. ready to go!

saturday krissy, meissner and i got a good easy 21 miles in on the mckenzie river trail on the west side of the cascades in oregon. although it involved a lot of snow and trail finding it was a great day out. with less overall vertical gain and being about 3,000ft lower than we have been running i thankfully felt great.

only krissy and i were tough enough for the cold water soak post run

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blast From the Past

today i got an email from seegs titled "blast from the past" with these photos of us back in the day... it brought back good memories!