Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Reality Show

for the last week i've been sharing a condo in salt lake city with 12 total strangers. i'm here training to be a guide/trip leader for backroads. it's been busy, kinda crazy and fun at the same time.

so far 3 guides have been asked to leave/terminated out of the group of 25 of us. there are certainly some rock stars, and some characters. with the housing situation and the possible job termination it feels a bit like a reality show.

i've been taking a lot of days off from any sort of running because i'm super busy getting trained and doing homework. yeah.. homework. that includes lots of reading, as well as preparing our 'public speaking' talks on trip routes, leadership, etc.

i got out today for a double mount olympus.. and i brought the camera!


olga said...

Wow! on views!

Bob Gentile said...

Keep up the Good Job & doing ur Homework & not getting the Boot :-)

U put that many under one roof, u are sure to get some characters...

Love the pics and also excited about trying "U" good option during the day instead of water all the friggin time (sigh))))

Study Hard & umm get some of that running thing in also !!