Wednesday, May 21, 2008

U... A Thing of Beauty

if you are reading this.. yes "u" are a beautiful thing as well. but this u (pronounced "you") is from the good people at nuun active hyrdation (and i must say nice work on the label brandon!). it's a vitamin water in an easy to carry and easy to use tablet. it's the perfect anytime flavored drink without the fake sugars and nastiness of most everything out there. it's got about 1/2 the electrolytes of regular nuun and a light vitamin profile. goji berry green tea is my favorite flavor so far.

although it's sensible for the every day active person or the "yoga lifestyle", i'll be working u into my race regiment for sure! it just makes sense for me. i'm not a big sweater, so the less electrolytes is fine, and why not ingest some vitamins?! i've done a few runs so far with it, both runs in slc with meltzer i had u in the bottle ~ worked beautifully and tasted fantastic.

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