Friday, May 2, 2008

Rudy Project Photochromic

if you've ridden with me lately then you've heard all about my new rudy project ekynox sx sunglasses. they are, for lack of a better description... the shit. cutting to the chase and getting right down to what is blowing my mind? the impact photochromic lenses! meaning they have a lifetime guarantee that they will not break! but even cooler is the photochromic technology. i can't even tell when they are changing from clear to dark or vise versa. i step outside and they are instantly dark glasses; a late night ride to the grocery store and they are clear ~ my view doesn't change because the glasses are adjusting for me! yesterday i rode 78 road miles in my rudy project ekynox sx and at one point i realized i forgot i had them on!

if you race long distance the implications of this new tech is huge! no more where did i put those clear lenses?, or where are my other sunglasses? ~ one pair for bushwhacking through the night, one pair for the entire 24hr mtn bike race, one pair... period. having different lenses is cool, but it's so 2003. also of note the ekynox didn't fog either riding or running in them... the basics, but important.

i have a small face so i went with the ekynox sx, but the straight dope, word on the street is that the "outside magazine's gear of the year" pick for the single best pair of glasses out for athletes is the rudy project zyon. for you ski mountaineers they even come with removable attachments that make them glacier glasses ~ this could be the one pair you need for everything!.. and the rep told me exactly that saying "i'll be wearing the zion for everything; mtn biking, trail running, it's that good". and the rep is john stamstad, so dood knows gear.

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Travis said...

I agree 100% on the Ekynox's. I've been rocking them for two years now and will never change away.