Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Bought A One Way Ticket

yeah that's right, a one way ticket to salt lake city. i've got about a week to go, then i'll be gone for 4 months of the unknown. i'm definitely someone who does well with my things and my routine... but i think this will be an amazing experience. i am staring at the two bags i can take with me on the plane (one i'll apparently have to pay extra for now!) for the next 4 months. this is tough. one will be filled with some clothes, the other.. montrails, nathan handhelds/backpacks, nuun and clif shots! the gear bag is easily 4x the size of my clothes bag!

since taking the job with backroads i've been frantically trying to get my life in order so i can leave seattle. i need to sell a car (check out the jeep grand cherokee). sublet my condo; i've already found the most awesome law student who's needs work perfect for the exact time i'm gone. that was a big weight off my shoulders.

i've bailed on running the big horn 100 miler. my hip is still a mess anyway, and simply won't be ready. but the more obvious reason is i have no idea where i'll be guiding or if i'd have that weekend off or not. backroads doesn't tell us where we'll be until june 3rd, the second to last day of our training in salt lake city.

my end date with backroads is aug 23rd. i have to get my ass to beuna vista, colorado that day so i can have one day of rest before starting the transrockies ultra with meissner. i am soo excited about this. just need to figure out how to stay fit while leading trips. after that it's either try to meet up with meltzer late in his appalachian trail assault or run the bear 100 in logan, utah. it's the last 100 of the year that looks interesting, re; hard, trail with mass vert, more single track than dirt road, etc. i really feel like i need to run a 100 before the year is over. i'm also looking to return to the hurt 100 in hawaii this time running the 100 miler. we'll see.

with the hip injury i've been riding a lot lately and it's been really fun. the running miles all depend on how the hip feels. i've been working every other day on strength exercises, which i think are really helping. yesterday i got out with the lads, green angle, jeff, mike and tom for a great 10 miler and had NO HIP PAIN!

ok, i've got coaching work to do.. and tons of packing and loose ends to clean up.


Anonymous said...

Go Matt!!
Keep running!!


saschasdad said...

Dude, you better end up in the Hole. I'm already planning a 3-day trip out there...I think I even have all the loops picked. Now I just need to know when!

Bob Gentile said...

Wow that is an adventure... Have a great time Matt, sounds like Backroads position is right in ur element!

Keep us posted & Be safe! and Heal up that Hip!

olga said...

Way to go, Matt!!! That is what I call life:)

BTW, will you be able to send out NUUN for the PCT50 race before you leave? Who do I contact if you don't?

Hart said...

thanks everyone.

olga i will be able to work while i'm gone, no worries. coaching and nuun ambassadoring will continue as usual!

Hart said...

oh and meissner i'll tell you on june 3rd where i'll be! 3 days won't be enough.. it's gotta be a week! colonel's camp right?

Krissy said...

I know a good 100 in October!!! Grindstone in Virginia - boasting 26k feet of gain. Sounds like something that would be right up your alley. See you there?