Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Wicked Scocha" - 12 Peaks Run

"12 peaks" is a classic pacific northwest ultra run that i had never actually done in it's entirety until today. the 4:50am wakeup call sucked, but it was a great day out there... and it was a wicked scocha too 95+ degrees. justin and i ran the whole thing in 6:33, with tom and bill joining us for a one way trip 3:07. justin would have been sub 6hrs without us acting as anchors. if you are racing justin angle any time soon, ah... good luck.
this run is perfect training for transrockies. at 35 miles and 10,000 feet of gain, it's longer with move vert than any single day of the transrockies. my hip injury is still there, but it's feeling much better and i ended this run without any real issues with it. very exciting!

here is how the transrockies will break down: (looks like i've got some speed work to do!)
day 1: 18 miles 2,737 ft of gain
day 2: 16 miles 4,579 ft of gain
day 3: 25 miles 3,335 ft of gain
day 4: 14 miles 3,016 ft of gain
day 5: 23 miles 4,966 ft of gain
day 6: 19 miles 4,947 ft of gain

115 total miles

gear: montrail streaks (they were perfect!) w/teko ecopoly socks (no blisters as usual). with the recent sun i decided to test the rudy project ekynox. they were once again amazing for the varying light exposure of running in and out of the trees.

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Krissy Moehl said...

cool you finally got that one in! That is a great time on that run.