Monday, April 7, 2008

Speaking At The New Montrail/Mountain Hardwear Store

recently the decision was made to move montrail directly under hardcore gear company mountain hardwear. i think this is great news. keep the core products together, and far far away from anything called bugaboo. that means montrail is moving from portland down to the bay area where the mountain hardwear offices are located. they are also opening a montrail/mountain hardwear store in portland, oregon. the grand opening is this weekend, sunday 4.13.08 and they have asked me to speak about ultrarunning. come check it out.. if nothing else there will be some cool photos to look at! =)

below is the press release they created. i had nothing to do with writing this!.. and it's hard to post because it makes me sound cooler than i probably am...

montrail announcement - mountain hardwear announcement - msn money

Elite ultrarunner and endurance coach Matt Hart is giving a 40 minute presentation on Sunday, April 13th at 2 p.m. Matt’s joining us from his hometown of Seattle where he’s an endurance coach and ultrarunning ambassador for Montrail and nuun active hydration. The ultrarunning presentation will be held at the new Montrail/Mountain Hardwear Store, 722 SW Taylor in Portland. Matt will present his experiences at events such as the Grand Teton 100 Miler and the HURT 100K in Hawaii. You’ll learn what it takes to finish your first ultra (50K) and advice for racing fast 50Ks to 100 milers. Matt says, “Don’t rush into high mileage weeks because you read that is what all the top ultrarunners are doing. It takes years to build the body to be able to handle that kind of load. Build gradually and intelligently.” Matt will discuss race nutrition, training recommendations, and apparel/footwear needs. Following Matt’s talk, Stephen Hatfield and Jeff Hough from the Forest Park Conservancy (formerly known as the Friend’s Of Forest Park) will share their favorite trail running routes and discuss volunteer opportunities and the importance of stewardship. Montrail will provide a stylish beanie to all attendees, plus we’ll have a raffle for additional prizes – including two pairs of free shoes! Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. Your raffle donation will be given to the Forest Park Conservancy. Limited seating, please arrive in advance.
Learn more about Matt at


olga said...

That is news! And have fun with your preson, 40 min is a lot to speak. Make sure to send out link to local ultra-list and a few running clubs. Wish I could come - I'll be playing in Sisters:)

Anonymous said...

Oh man!, I am new to reading your blog and to ultrarunning. I live in the greater Portland area. I was so excited to hear your coming to Portland......then i found out it's the weekend of Peterson's Ridge run, boo-hoo! I can't make it to hear you speak. So will you please consider sharing your information on your blog??? Nutrition, shoes, gaining a base for beginners???

Thanks, for the blog - it's loads of fun to hear about all the things you encounter.

Hart said...

yeah it's too bad it falls on the same date as the ridge rumble. i was going to go help sean meissner out with the race too.. but then i realized it was at the same time as my presentation. have a great race anonymous!.. and say hi to sean and rod for me!

Ty Draney said...

Good luck- If Ma Gert is there see if you can score me one of those big Hardrock posters Sean told me about. Have fun showing off those photos.