Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Nonsense

right now i'm hurt and it sux. there are many good things happening in my life which i'm very very excited about. but i can't get over the fact that my hip is a mess. i have two pt's on the case... there has been a bike crash on that hip and a history of imbalance so it's muddy water. i might even have two different length legs. so for the last week i've been wearing an extra sliver insert in one of my montrails. i can't say that things have changed really. yesterday i was treated to some april knee deep powder. with some trepidation i headed to snoqualmie with my long time adventure buddy steve copson. we had some amazing turns. it's pretty awesome how some good high speed powder skiing with a buddy can make you feel. of course i had to "test" the hip out after that and an easy 2.8 mile trail run left me walking the last 100 feet. it feels like i have a torn glute muscle.

i'm headed to salt lake city to pursue an interesting opportunity... more on that later.

also check out the website. as i've mentioned i'm starting karl meltzer's appalachian assault with him on mount katahdin in maine. we'll be running 47 miles a day for 6 days covering the 281 miles of AT in maine. karl of course is continuing on in an effort to break the speed record on for the entire 2,174 miles of AT... maine to georgia baby. i like to say "if anyone can do it, it's karl". he'll have a gps with him and with this site you will be able to track and follow along from online... pretty cool.

"You only ever grow as a person when you spend time outside your comfort zone"- Percy Cerutty

i'm about to get very uncomfortable...

i had to share this passage from the cookbook wholefood by jude blereau i just picked up from the library: "It seems that we have forgotten what good food really is, where it comes from (not plastic-wrapped from the supermarket) and what it should taste like. Once look at a school cafeteria, hospital, workplace cafeteria, bakery or corner shop will show you exactly what I am talking about: food with little flavor, loaded with refined sugar and damaged fat to give taste. It is manufactured with the cheapest of compromised ingredients. Today, even fresh produce is grown to last - superficial and tasteless." She goes on, "Refined and processed foods give nothing to your body; in fact, they take away as your body tries to digest them. These foods cannot sustain you; they cannot nourish you."

when i thought about this a bit i am reminded of something i read about tomatoes. conventionally they are grown to be tough, not tasty. off the top of my head the other foods that i can remember thinking... "wow, this tastes waaay better organic" are avocados, raisins and best of all orange, red, and yellow peppers... and strawberries! oh the goodness.. i challenge you to try and go a whole day eating just whole foods. and post a comment on how you feel.

i just bought this song by saul williams from the new nike commercials. it is fantastic. listen to this song on your next run - it is impossible not to run fast! ~ "I ball my fist and you're gonna know where I stand".


Trail Goat said...

While I can't taste 'em yet, I planted 28 tomato, 8 eggplants, 4 bell pepper, 4 chili, and 4 bean plants in my organic garden this weekend. I can hardly wait to taste the freshness come mid-summer. Fortunately, I also signed up for my CSA (community supported agriculture) program on Friday, so I'll get fresh organic (or close) veggies before I harvest. I'll be sure to drop back in after I take your challenge with tastier than average veggies.

(Some of my best memories from last year were tasting freshly picked tomatoes and string beans from my first garden.)

Bob Gentile said...

yupper Whole foods....get off the acidic crap, ahhh I know I need to go more alkaline based just doing is the problem :-)

Hope u recover soon Bro!

I added my email to Karls adventure going to cool to follow along...what a trek he is going to tackle!