Sunday, April 13, 2008

Portland v2.0 - The Mountain Hardwear Presentation

sunday ended up being a great day. it started with a run right from the hotel to forest park where the montrail marketing manager paul curran i ran the run like a girl 10k course. it was pretty sweet and had a nice bit of climbing.

later that day i had my presentation at the grand opening of the mountain hardwear/montrail store ~ it went amazingly well. what a great time. my topic = ultrarunning. the prior days presentation had about 3 people and 4 employees listening. so my hopes weren't high for turn out. plus most portland area ultrarunners would most likely be at sean meissner's race, the peterson ridge rumble 60km. i had a handful of runners say they wouldn't make it because of the race. so i was blown away! i'd guess there were 30-40 people packed into the store. with the raffle, the forest park conservancy and introductions the whole event was supposed to be about 40min total. i ended up talking for just over an hour. people were interested and engaged =) i covered the basics of ultrarunning; what it is, prominent races, gear (montrail, teko, nathan), nutrition (amazing grass), hydration (nuun), training and mental toughness... of course interjecting personal experiences using some video i took on adventure runs;

this one from a run in snoqualmie

and a longer version of this one from the rim to rim to rim double crossing of the grand canyon

paul even had to cut the questions short since we were out of time. the portland running community is awesome. they were very warm and welcoming and i met a lot of great people. thanks paul, phyllis and mountain hardwear for inviting me.

it means a lot to me that today my inbox was full of "thank you" messages from folks that attended. "Super inspiring talk about ultra running, makes me want to get out and start training lots!!" that kind of response makes the effort all worth while.

here is the slide show of photos i used. if you've run something cool with me you probably made the cut!

on a similar note.. last week i recieved word that i'm being invited back to speak to the next round of team in training runners about nutrition and hydration. that will be fun.


Ty Draney said...

Great pics and video-easy to see why people were all fired up, I mean, who wouldn't like to have cankles like that last shot of your slideshow? Looking forward to getting out on another adventure. Get those niggles healed up and keep preaching the good life.

Will Thomas said...

That must feel great to see the success from your Hardwear Presentation. To get a live audience all excited about ultra running through letting them see you in action.

Keep it up; you're inspiring plenty of unanimous people right here through your blog.