Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 Diez Vista 50km

i'm super busy. i was trying to write a full race report but it isn't happening. so here is the easy version. although i thought i'd be ok, i was in fact not recovered from the 3 days of syllamo. i was able to sneak into diez vista 50km thanks to bruce grant (thanks so much bruce and martha!) and took the amtrak up to save the environment thank you green ultrarunner for reminding me of that option.

i was pleasantly suprised to see hal and carly there, that was a treat. as i started out i knew it was going to be a struggle. my hip hurt and i didn't have the fire in my belly to race hard. around mile 15 i was running in 3rd, 4th, 5th with two other guys. one of them being canadian adventure racer and old friend aaron pitt. the last time i saw him we were running from a grizzly bear in nelson, bc. i felt like i should stop and give him a hug.. but instead i gave a more manly pound once we got on a stretch of double track ~ we aren't the type to stop in a race.

anyway the first guy was a local and in following him we inadvertantly ran off course... on a road to the aid station instead of the trail we were supposed to take. it really wasn't his fault as the course martial wasn't there to direct us and the markings weren't visible. before we had processed it, brian morrison showed up behind us, when he had been in front of us.. and undoubtedly pulling away from us. that sucked. i got this empty feeling in my stomach. with my hip pain and the eminent disqualification i made the decision to stop. it didn't seem worth the pain to finished unranked. it was hard on my mind to do this however as i've never done it before. but really it was a "c" race at best and i have bigger fish to fry. it would have been an even bigger injury whole to dig out of had i chose to continue.

i have to give mad props to the best performance i've seen in a while. team helly hansen adventure racer and canadian montrail team member gary robbins took 2nd place! gary raced smarter than anyone out there. he said he'd run too hard to start in 2006 and was going to run his own race. so he charged from way behind late in the race to catch everyone sans first place! and he was only a couple minutes from catching first too! awesome performance, i was so stoked for him. see the results. gary has an infectious energy for endurance sports.. and his blog frequently has me laughing out loud - check it.

top 3! nuun ultrarunner brian morrison (3rd), aaron heidt (1st) and gary robbins (2nd)

aaron pitt.. a bit worked!

rd and nuun ultrarunner bruce grant

patagonia ultrarunner (and nuun lover) jamie gifford

carly striking a pose after her 50km

mike adams

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Alison said...

I think that is sooooo awesome that you took the train. I had my first DNF at Chuckanut and it royally sucks, that's for sure. Bound to happen sometime, though, I suppose, and you inevitably learn something from it (and it's usually the right, if not hard decision). Yay for trains.