Saturday, March 1, 2008

Steamboat Floats My Boat!

yestderday i arrived at the little bitty airport that is hayden, just 20 miles outside of steamboat springs, colorado. i'm here for a family visit and, as you might expect as much training as i can fit in!

my mother and her husband david are avid skiers. david is a p.s.i.a. certified ski instructor. so rather than suffer through skiing in new hampshire another winter they decided to move to a real ski town! how cool is that? i like to brag about them having the gumption to do this.

my buddy and fellow montrail ultrarunner sean meissner, who used to live here, told me about the steamboat pentathalon, which was today. i ran down to see the event. mike kloser, who is quite possibly the best adventure racer to ever live, crushed everyone. i wished i had been racing. which brings me back to the fact that i need to learn to skate ski. the problem really is that if i'm in the mountains i'm backcountry skiing - not skate skiing. i'm still an adrenaline junkie at heart i suppose.

my next real race is now under two weeks away, the 3 days of syllamo, starting on march 14th. so i have to be careful not to overdue it while here in steamboat, and actually taper at some point. i'm also dealing with some hip pain from a bike fall, and some morton's nueroma.. sigh. today i felt great however, maybe it was the sun. i would run loops of the course that no one was on, stop in to watch the race, then run another loop, etc. in all i got about 18 miles in on the snowy trails with my yak traks (thanks cory/suzanne!. great gift!). it was a cloudless and sunny day. with the elevation in town being just under 7,000ft (perfect for elevation training) and my 2:30 hr run today producing enough endorphins to kill a road runner, i'm devising a plan to spend some real time here. we'll see if i can work something out.


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Sounds like you're having a blast. Something seems a little wonky with the site though. This post is dated March 1st but posted on March 12th. Good luck in Arkansas.