Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sarah Logan's 2008 Iron Horse Endurance Run Race Report

one of the true joys of being the nuun ultrarunning ambassador is working with athletes that i admire... and ocassionally finding a gem! we might just be looking at a future ultra star ~ she's out to a very good start!

Sarah Logan's
Iron Horse Endurance Run Race Report

The Iron Horse Endurance Run:

March 1, 2008 was the Iron Horse 50 mile, 100 km, and 100 mile run in Orange Park, FL. The course was flat and fast and the Florida sun was strong. We started at 6 am in the dark, under the Spanish moss covered trees, in Orange Park and ventured out for our first 25-mile loop as a pack. I was planning to race the 100 km, so I paced accordingly. There was a 25-mile loop I was to complete twice, and then had another 10 km loop to do twice. I felt strong through out the whole race, which was a first for me in these~! But it was also the first time I had been able to train adequately and sleep enough after having taken my time off med school. Also I started eating steak a month before the race, thanks to my auntie, so I think that had something to do with it. I was worried about not having hills, because coming from VT, and being part billy goat, I thought I would fatigue early if the terrain was all flat. Luckily, it was OK ...

But my favorite part of the whole race and experience was by far the people. The racers were all so friendly, and supportive. It was just like running with a big family out there, and all the volunteers at the aid stations were just awesome. The race director and his wife were driving along the course honking and cheering everyone through the wee hours of the night. I was feeling strong and fast until about mile 44…when all of a sudden it felt like I had been shot in the knee on my left leg. It turned out I had pulled my Iliotibial band pretty badly, and it just came out of nowhere. I knew that if I started up running again on my knee, I would not be able to stop …so I hobbled it in to the 50 mile finish and called it a day. The volunteers and race director were yelling and smiling saying “

“You won!”, “First place!”, and “Girl power!”…I thought, despite the knee, this is awesome! I have not run one of these races before where a female has won! And a female also won the 100 mile race too! Yea Ladies~! There was a great BBQ and a fire at the finish line, and I ended up getting my PR for the 50 mile by almost an hour. I finished in 7:47:00. So despite the annoying IT band, it was an Awesome experience and I would go back and do it again in a second just for the people!

congrats sarah!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

go sarah go!!
run like a girl.
great running..

Andrea said...

Congratulations Sarah! I am sooooo impressed.. I mean just the fact that your first lap was 25 miles, I can't even imagine! I did a marathon and thought THAT was long. Well again congratulations and good luck on your next race!