Tuesday, March 18, 2008

nuun Rocks Chuckanut 50km

updated! with race comments

the last couple of years i've been a volunteer at the chuckanut 50km in bellingham, washington (results). it's massively popular, super competitive (jurek got 3rd) and has grown to become the 10th largest ultra in the united states. this is probably due to the fact that nuun has sponsored the race the last two years! it was at every aid station this year once again. because i was out of town in the ozark mtns at 3 days of syllamo (race reports coming soon) i wasn't able to race (which i've never done) or volunteer. but the nuun ultrarunners held it down!

brian morrison rocked it for 4th in 4:14:26

here is a quick report from brian:
"The morning began cold and very wet. Even as excited as I was to run Chuckanut, having missed the race last year, I was feeling totally unmotivated by the steady downpour. However, as the race began, the skies dried up and the weather steadily improved throughout the day. The rain made for some very sloppy trail conditions, but that's always a factor at Chuckanut. So despite the pre-race showers, the weather and conditions ended up being pretty typical for a mid March day in Bellingham.
Having trained right up to the race, I knew that I wasn't coming in with the freshest feeling legs. With Bryan Dayton racing and Scott Jurek coming off a 6 minute PR at Way Too Cool, I knew that it was going to be a tough race. Bryan took off right from the start and basically led the race wire to wire. Scott, myself and a handful of others went out at a slightly less aggressive pace. I ran with Scott and Peter Ellis (2nd place finisher) to the top of Cleator Road, but Scott was able to put a little time on me at the aid station transition. Between aid station 3 and 4 I mostly ran alone. I wasn't feeling bad, but I could feel my drive beginning to wane. I forced down a gel and some blocks, and as I reached the high point of the course, I started to feel much more energized. With a few miles downhill on a road followed by the flat 10k of the interurban back to Bellingham, I was starting to feel really good. As I came through the final aid station I was in 7th place. In those final six miles, I continued to eat and drink and was feeling stronger with each step. When all was said and done, I'd caught three runners and moved up to 4th place in a time of 4:14. Looking at the chip timed splits confirmed what I had felt. My final split from aid station #4 to the finish was the fastest of the day. It felt great to finish so strong considering the training volume I had done right up to the race.

As an aside, Kona Kola Nuun is soooo good. That's all I drank at Chuckanut. I never even felt the slightest twinge of a cramp. Normally late in a race I have to switch to water just due to sweet overload, but when given the choice of Nuun or plain water, I kept grabbing the Nuun bottle. I just need to remember to eat a little more, since there are no calories coming from the Nuun. I'm really psyched on the product. Thanks"
read more on brian's blog

devon crosby-helms won the woman's division in 4:40:29 for 17th overall

here is a quick report from devon:
"Despite daunting prerace rain and the subsequent serious mud, the cards were in my favor Saturday as I ran the Chuckanut 50k. The combination of a flat start and finish, well scouted hills and some truly fun technical sections and downhills, all suited me well and I was able to put together a great race. My energy was great, my hydration perfect thanks to my Nuun and my legs felt strong for an early season "B" race and I was able to fend off some very strong female competition for 1st place woman and 17th overall in a time of 4:40:29."
read more on devon's blog

bruce grant warming up for the 100 mile coyote two moons this weekend ran 5:14:37

olga varlamova in the nuun jersey! she ran 6:34:58

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