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Karl Meltzer's 2008 Coyote Two Moon Race Report

nuun ultrarunner karl meltzer was cool enough to pass on a quick report on the dos lunas 100 miler he smoked last weekend.

Karl Meltzer's
Coyote Two Moon 100 Mile Race Report

Coyote Two Moons is not labeled a "race". It all begins with a group run at the Pt. Mugu State Parknear the beach in Sunny California. This 7 mile loop is a classic in this area with stellar views over thePacific Ocean. The evening kicks off a talent show won by Roch Horton and fellow Volunteer "Wild Bill". They played a tune on the Mandolin and Ukelele....It was awesome! Day two is a run at your leasure at Pt.Mugu Park again to the summit of Mt.Mugu, another peak overlooking the ocean, along with the seaside Coriopsis in full bloom made the run extra special. Now we move to Ventura for Bowling night where beers are flowing hard and strikes are few and far between...unless you are Dean Dobberteen who rolled a 206! Friday the clan moves to "Rancho Grande" in Los Padros National Forest where the start/finish is staged. I was not there for the BBQ as I had to pickup my wife Cheryl at the Burbank airport. Cherylprovide me with mental support and superior crewing as always. I arrived back at the S/F at noon to preparedrop bags. It was simple, two lights and 60 gels in three seperate bags.

The "race" or shall we call it "fun run" starts at 4pm for the slowest runners on Friday evening, the second wave at 6pm, then 9pm, then 2am (ouch). I started with the faster guys at 6am, a fairly normal day for us. For those that started on the first full moon, they certainly had there work cut out for them as two evenings of darkness awaited...not to mention some sleep deprivation.

The run started out quickly up a 1500' hill. I ran it all and put about 1 minute on the other 4 I started with (AJW, Hiroki, Justin, Clifton) as I ran up everystep. It felt way too easy, my legs were fresh had been a long time since I felt this way. I slowly put time on the field only to be caught by Justin Angle at the Sisar aid station at mile 17. Justin's 9 foot long stride kept him in it on the downhills. We turned around for the climb out of Sisar, from there I never looked back and ran the entire climb out and on my way to the Ojai ridge where I met Chris Scott (the RD) to put on the leaders hat.It was a hot beanie with the propeller on the top. Classic Coyote fun! The propeller spun faster and faster as I descended into Rose Valley where on my return trip up to the ridge I had opened up at least a 21 minute gap. From this point the sun heated us up heading to Thatcher aid station mile 50.2. I turned back to climb to the ridge and had been climbing for 39 minutes before I saw Justin and AJW coming down. At this point I knew I was gone daddy gone as long as I held together. I still had no pain issues at all, so I was confident I would hang tough. We dropped steeply back to Rose Valley, and on my return over 1 hour back at the ridge, AJW and Justin were nowhere to be found. I proceeded to cruise all the way down to Gridley Top...then Gridley Bottom. This was the nicest singletrack of the day as I just cruised down then ran most of the 3000' climb back up. I met AJW and Justin at the ridge and the gap was 2hr 20min. One more big descent into Cozy Dell and back up and gap grew to 3hr20min, from there I chatted with the Easter Bunny(Chris the RD) and just cruised to the finish. It was a textbook performance, and had I been pushed I had more in the tank if I needed it.

Although this was not a race "persee", I went to this run focused on running well and being the first to cross the tape. It makes number 23 in the 100 trail win category. I have to keep this going as a few younger guys could certainly break this record as they get older.

congrats karl!

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tetsuro said...

Hi, Matt!
Thank you for sharing Karl's
Sometimes I met him on the trail.
Karl's running style taught me a
good lesson.
Congratulations Karl!