Sunday, March 30, 2008

An August To Remember

a few days ago had a great chat with montrail ultrarunner sean meissner. during this conversation he says "hey, i know it's very close to the plain 100 miler but what about you and me running the transrockies ultra?". without looking at my calendar or much thought i said "hells yeah". i had followed this race last year. it's 125+ miles in 5 days through the colorado rockies with over 25,000 feet of climbing, sleeping in the woods in makeshift camps at night... bad ass and adventurous (watch the video). not even 24hrs went by when i received the confirmation email that montrail was sending sean and i! i'm beside myself excited right now! but then i pulled out the calendar.. oh boy, it's going to be one crazy august and september ~ i hope i can hold it together!

the plan:
  • aug 5th - appalachian trail: starting on mount katahdin i'm running 47 miles a day for 6 days with karl meltzer in his attempt to break the appalachian trail speed record. i'll be joining him for the entire 281 mile section through maine.
just two weeks to recover just two weeks to recover
  • sept 13-14 - plain 100 miler - a tough tough 100 miler in washington