Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anno Domini Larry Bird

Anno Domini Larry Bird 52 i turned 33. this happened on march 5, while i was in steamboat. i'm now an old man. however i find comfort in the fact that larry played a young man's fast twitch sport until he was 35 and had a great season at age 33 (check out the career stats). as the under powered little white guy i can relate with larry bird. he was physiologically at a distinct disadvantage. he wasn't blessed with the physical abilities it takes to dominate his chosen sport. but he personified hard work and dedication... and in turn all that you can accomplish wielding those tools. my disadvantages are many; 80% lung capacity of a 'normal' male my age, asthma, very average VO2Max, 25% less meniscus in my right knee. we all have them (except jurek), but either you let them fuel you or you let them take you down.

i ran with a fella in arkansas who would at times would get into a funk mentally. asking "why am i out here? why do i do this to myself? i could be somewhere else." it struck me as strange because honestly these thoughts never cross my mind. so few people will ever find something they are passionate about. most just go through life not knowing what it's like to give 100% of yourself to something.. and that is sad.

i leave you with a larry bird highlight real and i suggest you find a way to make your own.

turn the volume off if you dislike swear words or rap


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I'm with you Matt. When "out there" I don't ask why I'm doing it. Rather, I just enjoy the fact that I have the ability and the opportunity to push myself out in nature. Like you said, many people will never understand that because they've never experienced the joy that can come from the pain of having pushed yourself beyond your perceived limits or even outside of ones' comfort zone. And that is indeed truly sad.

Bob Gentile said...

Loved watching Bird growing up..he was one tough Mofo. Great Video!!

ummm I won't lie, I am pretty sure during KM in June I will say WTF am I doing out here--LOL of course I will KEEP moving but I am sure that will pop up...figuring around 70-80 mark..

and I will call u up and say Matt, WTF am I doing out here...and ur reply is 100 miles now get it done Gentile !!

You know what is great about the challenges you have overcome Matt and continue's made u who u are and if you didn't have those types of challenges would you have fought as hard to get where ur at?!!

Laura H said...

Happy birthday Matt from a fellow Pisces. I was climbing Little Chinscraper last Sat, the day before I turned, well, older than Larry bird (only a year) and thinking how at that age my mom had her first heart attack, mainly due to lifestyle. Nice to be sucking air up a monster of a hill instead! ;)

olga said...

Happy belated b-day, Hart! And to 3rd place at Syllamo! Rumor is that 50 miler is a hoot - and seems that you struggled there some. I plan on it next year!
WTF are we doing it? :) Because we love been NUTCASES and been surrounded by other nutcases! It's free and primal and FREE SPIRITED!

scott said...

I never want to find out what my V02 max is or any of that physiology stuff because I'm afraid I would use it as an excuse.

Matt, good to have you here in AR for Syllamo. -- Scott Eason