Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Amazing Grass - My Amazing New Sponsor

when i first blogged a review of the amazing grass wheat grass i had absolutely no affiliation with the company. well i'm happy to announce that has changed as i'm adding amazing grass to my list of top notch companies that help me achieve my potential as an athlete. part of my contract that struck me was, "Our vision is to help people reach their pinnacle of health through better nutrition and an active lifestyle, while being conscious of the footprint we leave on this planet and the lives we touch.". this ethos resonates with me as it is essentially my mission statement as an endurance coach.

my trip to steamboat before the 3 days of syllamo was another example of how i think amazing grass wheat grass has changed my life. it's that good. since i come from sea level i knew my immune system would be extra stressed at 7,000 feet steamboat springs, colorado. i worked my way up to 3 tablespoons of amazing grass wheat grass powder a day just prior to leaving seattle. when i arrived i shared a room with a very sick person and there were two sick people in the house. my 3x daily dose of amazing grass gave my immune system a boost and the the antioxidants to fight off the sickness i was surrounded by ~ and i never got sick! even when i arrived in syllamo i slept in a bed with someone who was sick.. during the race. i might as well of had a wheat grass suit of armor on! anyway i'm very excited about this as i love the wheat grass, and i can't wait to try the superfood. i think the chocolate superfood will be perfect for my fruit smoothies!

get 15% off buying on their website by using the coupon code 'matthart'! and let me know what you think. i've had a handful of people already profess their love and noticeable increase in energy... good stuff.

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