Monday, February 11, 2008

Which 100 To Run?

i'm having trouble deciding on the 100 miler i want to run this year in june/july. sort of my "a" race for mid summer. i honestly thought i'd get into either western states 100 or the hardrock 100. now that i didn't get in i am looking around and i think i'd pick between these two races.. please comment on which one you think i should run - i need some help.

my criteria are:
  1. tough course - at least 18,000ft of gain
  2. competition - there has to be some other good runners
  3. beautiful and interesting course - not too much looping or repeating
  4. it's got to be between june 1 - july 21st - i need at least two weeks to be able to join karl on his appalachian trail assault.
  5. it has to still have spots available to sign up!! geeze.
Option #1:
June 20 - Big Horn Wild and Scenic 100 miler - Dayton, WY
big horn is awesome. i ran the 50km last year and loved it.
pros: i've been on the course. the race is well done. it's mountainous and bad ass. jeff browning, jamie gifford and ty draney will be there. jeff has won a couple times and before last year had the course record. also running this will be redemption for having to drop down to the "j.v. race" last year.
cons: i've been to this race, seen part of this course and know how well done it all is.

Option #2:
July 19 - Tahoe Rim Trail 100 - Tahoe, CA USATF National Champioship
pros: it's a new course (for me). i've run some of this during an adventure run years ago. as the usatf 100 mile national championship there will be great competition there for sure. tahoe is awesome.
cons: it's a runners course. fast guys with real turnover will smoke me.

let me know.. comment on what you think or suggest another race!


Speedgoat Karl said...

The Bighorn record is soft, go for that! Then come run the Speedgoat 50k before we head to Maine. You could easily break my 20 somethin' at BH. -Speedgoat Karl

Devon said...

I am biased towards TRT because I adored that course. The glimpse of hell is no joke (red house loop), especially since you'd have to do it in the dark. That said, it is a great course...

AJW said...

I'm bummed you won't be at WS but the lottery is what it is. I'd give Bighorn the nod over Tahoe. At least, that's what I have first on my list for when I get bumped from WS.


Sean said...

San Diego!

They moved the date up to June.

Whichever race you pick, I predict you will be much faster than last year with your new fancy bionic abs.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

then come back and go for GTR again!

olga said...

Bighorn! It's sooner to fulfill the edge when everybody gets ready for WS, it's beautiful and it has lots of harsh trails to twist your ankles on! besides, half the PNW will be there:) In case you like music - Tahoe wouldn't let you. Though Tahoe is next on my list:)

Hart said...

of course meissner suggests the 100 with 7,500 ft of gain! damn speedster!

thanks for the responses guys! this is quite a list of great runners weighing in ~ just what i hoped.

when i wrote this i was leaning toward tahoe. but i think i'd enjoy the challenge of big horn more.

lisa if i didn't want to run plain i'd be at your grand teton 100 again in a second! maybe 2009?

can't wait to see each of you on the trails!!!

saschasdad said...

Dude, what are you talking about? A 100 with 7,500 vert that I suggested?? Man I'm lost. I LOVE going up.

If you're going between TRT and BH, I go with the majority here and say BH. That's far and away my favorite ultra event. I love going to Wyoming for it. It really is awesome! But you already know that from last year, you 50 km speedster, you!

lonerunman said...

Matt - first off, nice to see you have the 100 bug. It doesn't let go anytime soon! :-)

Second, I'd pick BH for the challenge. It's an awesome course. I'd love to do TRT as well, it looks like a very beautiful trail, though the terrain doesn't appear as rugged as BH.

Third - How about a follow-up tasty treat later in the year like Plain or the new 28000+' Grindstone in Virginia?

Hart said...

thanks bruce.. yeah i've already got the plain 100 on my schedule. that is why i won't be headed back to lisa's grand teton 100 - they are both september.

Trail Goat said...

Personally, I'd vote Tahoe. I'm debating between Tahoe, Iroquois Trails, Grindstone, or no 100 at all now that I missed out on both the WS and HRH lottos.