Saturday, February 23, 2008

Team In Training

today i was honored to speak to the the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training. it's a great group of 60-70 people training to run the san diego marathon on june 1st.

laura, who runs the show over at nuun active hydration had asked me to join her in a talk about hydration. after some communication with thier coordinator i was then asked to speak about nutrition as well.

the energy in the group was awesome, and contagious. laura and i both showed up early to do their 70 minute training run with them. my friend cory fraser is one of the runners so it was nice to see him out there training.

this organization does a lot of good for both the leukema & lymphoma society as well as the individuals who choose to participate. they are each responsible for raising $4,000. 75% of which goes to the effort to cure leukema & lymphoma. the rest goes to their race expenses and the infastructure costs of the organization. it's a win/win really. hopefully i'll have an oportunity to work some more with such a great organization in the future.. good stuff.

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