Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Speights, Vietnam and Iditarod

richard usher, adventure racer extraordinaire, just won the prestigious one day speights coast to coast race across the south island of new zealand (the birthplace of multisport racing). not sure why he didn't do the two day race being that he's a long distance athlete. maybe the one day is "the one to win" for solo athletes. this is a race i plan to do some day... just need to save some funds $$$. also i wish the bike portions was mtn biking.. singletrack is cooler than road and aero bars.
live website with videos, and official website.

"The Speight's Coast to Coast traverses the South Island of New Zealand from Kumara Beach on the Tasman Sea to Sumner Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Over either two days (individuals or two person teams) or the one-day event (individuals only), competitors cycle 140 kms (three stages of 55km, 15 km and 70 km), run 36 km (including a 33 km mountain stage that crosses the Southern Alps) and kayak 67kms of the grade two Waimakariri River through the Grand Canyon of New Zealand, the Waimakariri Gorge."

my friend michelle maislen just took second place in racing the planets: vietnam 2008 race. 250km from hanoi to sapa. huge congrats michelle! she was selected to blog on the race blog, and here is her personal blog.

"RacingThePlanet: Vietnam 2008 will take place in far northwest Vietnam, covering 250 kilometers of some of the most remote and untouched terrain in Vietnam. RacingThePlanet: Vietnam 2008 will begin in Si Ma Cai and end six days later in the Sapa."

the iditarod trail invitational is happening as i type this. it's the "the worlds longest human powered winter race". nuun athlete geoff roes is winning the running division and his girlfriend jill homer is winning the female bike division. you can chose to race 350 or the entire 1,100 miles! i used to think i wanted to do this race. but after getting frostbite.. it's not likely. i've been following both jill and geoff's blogs as they have prepared for the race, it's exciting to see them doing so well!


olga said...

Geoff scratched due to an ankle injury:( but Jill is still going strong. Yikes, sounds crazy!

Michmas said...

Thanks for the shout out! Still trying to dig up some pictures so I'll make sure to send those over to you.


Geoff said...

thanks matt. it's was very heartening after i had to scratch to see how many people were following along.

you really should reconsider doing this race sometime. i still don't have a sense of the entire experience of finishing but what further knowledge i was able to gather has made me realize even further just how incredible of an event this is.

i usually find myself holding races high up in my mind and then once i do them they don't seem as difficult or adventurous as i had expected. with this though i feel like it's 10 times the adventure as i did a few weeks ago. i suppose the dnf has a lot to do with that.

Wasatchspeedgoat said...

Hi Matt,

Scott Mason here how the ---- are you? I am starting a new team this year called the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team with around 20-30 runners. I have on board several sponsors who I can't mention yet but similar to the old Montrail days. Are you affiliated with NUUN? Love to have you guys on board if you are!

Talk soon! I can give you the details. There will be a lot of marketing and advertising I will do in return for your efforts.


Gary Robbins said...

Dude, yer my go to blog, where's the updates! I sincerely hope you're out doing epic runs and not stuck at work...oh wait, you don't work do you, haha!!