Saturday, January 26, 2008

Traveling North

i run into people all the time who live in seattle, or are from seattle and have never even been to whistler. this blows my mind. british columbia is truly a magical place... outdoor athlete or not.

tantalus range

i knew this trip was going to be great when the friend i was going to visit, jen segger-gig (or seegs as i like to call her) sent me a gear list for the weekend. i love adventure racers. they are serious about their play time. jen is an amazing athlete and professional adventure racer. have a look at her resume, for anyone that young it's an astonishing amount of winning at ultra distance. although a full time and busy adventure racer she finds time to run the ocassional ultra as well. after a full season of expedition adv racing she threw it out there at the endurance 50 here in seattle last year... and won. this was to qualify for the san diego 100 were she took second.. this was all to qualify for badwater (135 miles run in death valley) this year. cross your fingers for her getting in.

i left seattle later than planned and suffered the consiquences in traffic, then met jen at quest college in squamish where she works... then the fun began. up early in the morning on saturday jen took me on her "bread and butter" run ~ 13 miles with 3,700 feet of climbing... a great snowshoe run up to elfin lakes in garibaldi provincial park. up past red heather hut and down paul ridge ~ it was awesome and very similar to say running up mt si almost everyone we saw commented in astonishment on how we ran all the way to the hut. i think this description does says it all "The high alpine Elfin lakes trail is one the most stunningly beautiful alpine hikes in Canada .... offering towering craggy snow-capped mountain peaks - lakes - glaciers and serenity."

jen pointing over to the chief which is just out of site

after the run and a shower i suited up to play my first organized basketball game in over 5 years! it was an exhibition against the quest college boys team. young fast doods... with basketball scholarships. it was fun, but not pretty. we managed to give them a run and only lost by one point having played the enitre last quarter with 4 players after our best shooter, norm, had fouled out. where oh where did my speed and quickness go?!

tomorrow... we ski the backcountry!


Lorna said...

aww man, I want to move back out west badly after hearing about fun like that!

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Always fun to rock it with you Matt - I'll happily show off my stomping grounds anytime! seegs