Thursday, January 31, 2008

nuun Ultrarunners!

i'd like to announce nuun's top tier ultrarunners for 2008!

Lisa Smith-Batchen
Lisa's best running comes in the heat, the hotter the better so nuun has been an amazing product for her to use and to share with her coaching students! This year was to be the year that Lisa ran the Trans Con to go for the women's record. The run has been put on hold but is in the process of being worked out for the future. That being said 2008 Lisa will run her 9th Bad water 135 in July, ( attempting to be the 1st women to run the race 10 times) the Furnace Creek 508 mile bike race in Oct. These 2 races make up what is called the Death Valley Cup and to date only 2 other women have been successful at accomplishing this. She will also do Ironman AZ. in Nov.Having 2 very small children her focus is to be the best parent and the best partner she can be in this life. :) 2008 will bring more training camps, coaching and races. Her best is yet to come. Lisa's favorite nuun flavors are Tri-Berry and Lemon Lime.
Check out Lisa's Dreamchaser Events.

Karl Meltzer

Karl is simply put "one of the best ultrarunners in the world". In 2006 he won six 100 mile ultramarathons (not a typo) and set four course records. For his efforts that year he won Ultrarunner of the Year award from Ultrarunning Mag, USATF, and RRCA, as well as the Everest Award. This year he was 2nd in the ULtrarunnner of the Year voting. In his career Karl has won 47 Ultras in 89 starts,with 22 of those being 100 mile trail races. No one on earth has won more 100 mile trail races than Karl Meltzer. This year he's going to focus on the Western States 100 Miler and breaking the Appalachian Trail Speed Record of 47 days, 13 hrs 31 mins. His Favorite nuun flavor is citrus.
Check out his blog at

Brian Morrison (photo credit to Glenn Tachiyama)
Brian began running in 2000 to get in shape to climb Mt. Rainier. Shortly thereafter, Brian discovered trail running and running became more than just a means of cross training for climbing. In 2002, he ran the Chuckanut 50k, and he's been hooked ever since. To date Brian's run 30+ ultras from 50k to 100 miles and has been a consistent top finisher. And yes, he is THAT guy that couldn't muster up just 300 more meters to win Western States. He can laugh about it now, and he's hoping in 2008 that the third time's a charm. Brian's favorite nuun flavor is Kona Cola.

Kendra Borgmann (photo credit to Glenn Tachiyama)
Kendra increased her love-to-run habit to ultra-marathons a few years ago. She has run 18 ultras, winning over half of them. Last year her 50 mile Le Grizz finish of 6:40 was the fastest American women's time at the 50 mile distance in the USA. Her 2008 plans include races at the 50K and 50 mile distances, including the USATF trail championships, as well as to enter her first 100 miler in the later part of the year. Kendra recently quit her job as a private investigator in Seattle to move back to her hometown of Missoula, Montana. Kendra's favorite nuun flavor is Tri Berry.

Bruce Grant
After twelve years of racing Ironman triathlons, Bruce finally came to see the light and the dirt of trailrunning in 1999. Driven by the desire to continually test his limits, he holds the fastest Canadian completion time for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, has top-10 finishes in several 100-mile runs, and races about 1000 miles every year. He helps promote the sport to others by being the Director of the BC Ultra Trailrunning Series, a series of seven races showcasing the great terrain found throughout the province of British Columbia.Bruce's goals in 2008 include an early-season frolic at Coyote TwoMoons 100 mile, a return to Hardrock to run the clockwise route, the STORMY 100 in Squamish, the San Diego 100, and he is really excited about the prospect of a long, multi-day event in Africa in the fall. In between, Bruce will be taking in local 10k to 50k races in BC and NW Washington in order to get some speed work. Bruce's favourite NUUN flavour is Citrus Fruit - the nice tang is always refreshing and encourages continual hydrating, even when he is over 30 hours into an event. He has also found the addition of a Lemon-Lime NUUN is the only way to make an American light beer drinkable, while also providing the much-needed electrolytes of a proper post-run recovery.

Olga Varlamova

Olga never ran in high school or in college, and her first ever race was a 5k on mother's day in 2001. 2 years later she ran my first 50k in Central Park, NYC, in 4:47 and came 3rd - she's not sure how my love was born, due to ability to not feel any pain and keep the (slow) pace the whole way equal, or due to placing not far behind Ellen McCurtin. Her debuted 100 was at Umstead 100M a year later and she won in 18:46. As she moved to West Coast in the Fall of 2004.
Shep placed top at WS100 in 2005 and won SD100 (same year, in then course record). In 2007 she won the Cool Night Trail 12 hr run and was 2nd at Bear 100. Basically, she may not be blessed with much speed, but she absolutely loves trail ultrarunning, whether racing, volunteering or crewing/pacing. Olga is also a co-RD for the PCT50 and she is developing an Oregon 100 Miler.

Ashley Nordell (photo credit to Michelle Barton)
Ashley began running ultras at the age of 23, not long after telling her college coach that “3,000 METERS was too long to race.” She placed third woman in her first 50k and after a short thought of “I will NEVER do this again,” quickly forgot her promise and ran her first 100 miler (Western States) a year later. Despite a torturous last 30 miles with bags of ice duct taped to her knees, Ashley managed to finish her first hundred miler and has not quit a race yet. Since then she has finished (and many times won) more than a dozen ultras, including a win at Angeles Crest 100 in 2006 and second place woman (14 minutes off the women’s record) in 2007. This year Ashley has a variety of ultra-marathon races lined up, including a return to Arkansas for Three Days of Syllamo and the Leadville 100. She currently lives in Mount Baldy, California, where she runs at elevation with her husband, the bears, and an occasional mountain lion. Ashley works as a fourth grade teacher down the mountain in Upland, CA. Her favorite flavor of nuun is Tri-Berry.

Devon Crosby-Helms (photo credit to Scott Dunlap)
In her debut season on the ultrarunning scene Devon won the Jed Smith 50k (with the fastest 50k time for an American woman in 10 years), Quicksilver 50k(age group course record), Tahoe Rim Trail 50(course record by 21 minutes), Napa Valley Marathon and Ron Herzog 50k. She placed second in her 100k debut in the National Championships and was a part of Team USA in the Netherlands for the World Cup 100k, placing 15th overall, 2nd in her age group and 2nd on Team USA, helping the women's team to 4th place. This season Devon will focus on her 100 mile debut at Western States and the 100k World Championship in Italy. Devon's favorite nuun flavor is Tri-Berry.

Scott Dunlap

Scott was a short-course trail runner before jumping into ultras (he won the 2004 Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series for Marathon-and-Under, the largest trail running series in the world, clocking 14 top 5 finishes in one year). Since then he has run 10-15 ultras per year, winning a few, finishing all, and capturing everything on his award-winning blog, A Trail Runner’s Blog - voted Best Health and Fitness Blog by Forbes Magazine. This season Scott will focus on his first Western States 100, and competing in the regional USATF Ultra Grand Prix. Scott's Favorite Nuun Flavor is Kona Cola.

Ty Draney
Ty Draney started running in 7th grade, after setting the school record for the mile in his basketball high tops he went on to run in high school and junior college. He started running Ultras while living on the Oregon Coast and has been trying to kick the ultra-endorphin-induced high ever since. He has completed over 30 ultras including the Bighorn, Hardrock, Leadville, and Bear 100’s in one summer in under 100 hours. This year his focus will be on trying out stage racing, getting in some serious wilderness runs around the country and improving on two second place finishes at the Bighorn 100.

i'm looking forward to working with these amazing athletes this season!


Bob Gentile said...

Great Line Up!! Nuun ON :-)

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...


Thank you...I am thrilled.
If there is anything I can do for you please let me know

PS...40 Dreamchasers are here in Texas to run either the 50 or 100.
Go nuun go!

saschasdad said...

Wowzers, Hart, you put together a pretty decent team there. I love the "he's THAT guy..." part in Brian's bio. I look forward to him pummeling me at WS this year. And as for Ashley and her ice-bag-duct-taped knees, well, she's just plain tough.

Amawalker said...

Did you know that 2008 is the 30th Anniversary of the magnigicent run by the first female athlete to run from Los Angeles to New York? Our Marvelous Mavis Hutchison set the record in June 1978 (she was 53 years old) when she ran across America in 69 days - and the record still stands. Isn't it time someone tried to equal or break that record?
By the way, Marvelous Mavis is STILL setting records - ate the age of 83 - almost 84 - she competes in the 100m, 200m, 400m sprints as well as shotput and javelin and plans to compete in Mauritius (Africa Games) Australia (Masters Mixed) and in Finland next Year.
Lay down a challenge to your female atheletes! Mavis would love to hand over her crown!!