Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Last 7 Days

"you have two choices in life. be a lamb, or be a lion." - quote from steep, which i saw last night... great flick.

first off i'm having a blast watching rod bien close the gap in the hurt 100 miler right now. check out the live updates - go rod!

**** update ****
rod won the hurt 100km. congrats dood! here are the rest...
100 Mile race winners:
Paul Hopwood 27:17
Suzanna Bon 31:56

100 Km winners:
Rod Bien 17:02 100Km
Jamie Donaldson 20:30

training has been good lately. i got 30hrs in this week which is my longest in a long long time. i'm starting to feel like an athlete again. the highlights of the week were sunday's long day and today's 55km fat ass race (see next post on cap forest 55km). sunday i took my coaching client cheryl out for a great 11hr+ long session. perfect overdistance winter training for an athlete who is preparing for the 400+ mile primal quest in july. i don't like cars. i'd rather use human power to get around. and i've always though it would be cool to ride a bike to mount si for a hike/run. so after a 2hr kayak on lake union and lake washington cheryl and i mounted our road bikes (with 25lb backpacks!) and rode the 100 miles (round trip) from seattle to mount si. we tackled the 3,400ft hike in the dark then returned home. it's been a long time since i've ridden a hunge. great day out and cheryl did awesome.

another highlight for me was signing my 2008 contract with the montrail ultrarunning team. this ad on the right is from this months ultrarunner magazine, it announces this years team ~ of course meissner is in it.. but i'm not sure who the woman is (lots of new teammates to meet!). as you can imagine this was a tough decision with other interesting offers and options. after talking to paul and getting some good advice from sean meissner i'm super excited about this year. it sucks that we have a smaller team as they had to let a lot of great runners and people go, including my adventure racing team DART-nuun (where i got my start). but the smaller team will undoubtedly be more manageable. montrail sounds dedicated to the core user and making the best trail shoes on the planet. they want the ultrarunning team to be a part of that process - this is important to me. companies that don't employ athletes to test outdoor products.. well they simply aren't making very good products.

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BobbyKnight said...

The woman pictured is Colorado runner Jamie Donaldson. I ran with her in th e 24 Hours of Boulder last year. Great runner, nice person.