Monday, January 7, 2008

Bad Ass 50km 2008

50k Fat Ass Fun Run in the Bend Badlands Oregon
January 5, 2008

our mini winter running camp continued on saturday. justin, piper and i headed to the bad ass 50km just outside of bend in the badlands. this "fat ass" winter race is put on our friends sean meissner and jeff browning.

there was 8" of fresh on the ground when justin and i were packing the car in sisters, oregon and it was super cold. sean had already left to mark the course and i envisioned him running in the darkness with the peaceful layer of new snow. however as we drove out to the badlands it was apparent that the weather conditions were much different. from browning's race recap "We were blessed with nice weather again this year. A snow storm blew through Friday night and dumped 8 inches of new snow in Bend. However, on the drive out, Bend's east side of town only had about 2 inches of snow and by 3 miles east of town...dry as a bone. Typical Central Oregon storm...everything east of the Deschutes River almost always gets far less snow." this was great. cold but manageable.

as advertised by meissner, browning was at the start with a drill. ready to "screw shoe" anyone who wanted a little extra traction on the course. i got my contis screwed.. thanks browning! my buddy rod bien is running the hurt 100 miler in two weeks (he's my pick for the win!). so we had talked about "taking it easy". this was my intention, as my only real option with my current fitness level anyway. although rod is rumored to not know exactly how to run "easy".

justin and i started out at a good clip, not what i would call "easy". then rod caught up, i think he was still getting dressed when the gun went off. the course has a one time 4 mile out and back on the dirt road, then we started the fun 9.4 mile loop course that we would do 3 times. the first loop was great fun, just three doods running and chatting. as we started the 2nd loop in the clockwise direction it became apparent that i wasn't going to keep up with justin and rod. their pace started to feel like a lot of work.. like "race pace"... so i eased off and they slowly dissapeared. i came into the one aid station after loop two and caught up to them again.

we started on loop three, i had hot chocolate i was not going to just waste so i walked and let them go. i knew i wouldn't be keeping their pace anyway for this last 9.4 miles. at that point i think the cold and maybe lack of calories had caught up to me a bit. i turned around and ran the mile back to the aid station. put my warmer montrail running jacket on and reassessed. i decided i wanted to get the coldest part over with first. so i headed back out in the counter clockwise direction, running the course high point and through the wind first. then just cruised it in from there.

turns out piper angle, justin's dog won the fat ass race in course record time of 4:36:40. she beat justin and rod who ran 4:36:50. i train with piper a lot, she's talented.. and hairy. i ran a 5:01 and ended up feeling really good after. hips hurt a bit during, but growing (stronger) pains, not injury pains. results here.

the bend area ultra scene is awesome! they are lucky to have guys like sean meissner, rod bien and jeff browning who are so passionate about their sport. top notch athletes and people. from there we had some bar food at the summit house (where meissner put on a french frie eating display never before seen), a house warming party at krissy's and, well.. more food!
rod bien

both justin and krissy blogged a bit about this weekend too.

sunday, the day after the fat ass, justin, sean, krissy and i ran a 12 miler out at smith rock and around monkey butt (it's actually called monkey face, although i hate getting monkey butt i like the way it sounds better). my camera didn't make the trip but it was unbelievably cool terrain... and a great run on tired legs, to finish off a great running weekend.. we got 60 miles in 3 days - sahweet!


DARTvg said...

ummm...nothing like monkey but to keep you on your toes!

saschasdad said...

Great weekend, dude. Thanks for making the trip.