Saturday, December 27, 2008

High Stoke Factor

i'm packing to ski tomorrow and i have this feeling of stoke in me that i had to blog.

avy conditions however aren't cooperating. today it's high above 3,000ft and considerable below. i had planned on joining the mountaineers on an alpine ski tour near crystal. it was canceled because of avy conditions. this was supposed to be my 'test outing' to see if i want to lead backcountry ski trips for them as a leader/guide. it will have to wait.

generally speaking, it's just not very safe to go out into the backcountry on skis alone. my backcountry crew continues to grow, and includes a green builder, a massage therapist, a microsoft exec and a professional mountain guide so far. all experienced backcountry travelers. as the crew grows so does the stoke.

christmas eve mike and i did what we could at snoqulamie with considerable avy danger and trees that aren't quite filled in enough. i actually veto'd going out the alpental road out near piss pass and source lake. the terrain is ripe, and the conditions were perfect for an incident. and it happened. this guy got buried up to waist and his buddy buried up to his head.

we played it safe and got to dig the first pit of the season.

12.24.08 snoqualmie pass - 3,700ft west facing slope, results were: CT21 Q3, STM Q3, RB6. (things have changed considerably since then)

i spent christmas with the copsons. they are awesome and made my christmas very special. for christmas they got me two cool resources for backcountry skiing; the TAY CD which has maps and photos of pretty much ever skiable line in washington, and a very detailed .pdf for the crystal mtn backcountry. i also got to reading steve's copy of chris davenport's book ski the 14ers. christmas day i read a good portion of the book, and built my sweet brooks range mountaineering rescue sled outside in the snow... like pouring gas on the already burning combustible mixture.

today's chore is to get my hotronics m4's setup in my new garmont radium ski boots. i'm hopeful this will fix my frostbitten cold toe issues. then i'll make my new medical kits, one for day trips and one for multi-day trips (look for a blog coming on putting it together).

more stoke to come... i still haven't been on my new skis!

ski the 14ers

brooks range sled

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Remote Medical - Wilderness First Responder

i just finished my wilderness first responder class (WFR). it's pretty much the standard medical certification for guides. i took it for my running camps, the possibility of guiding in the future and for saving lives. i'm already saving the environment after all, might as well get skoold on saving lives. i would actually suggest this class to anyone who spends a lot of time in the backcountry. it's a big commitment, 8:45am - 5:45pm for 10 days. it's 80 hours and you can earn 5 college credits if you're into that kind of thing. i took it through remote medical on the recommendation of a mountain madness guide. their instructors were awesome.. and i'm not just saying that because they told us we were the best class they've ever had either. these guys knew their stuff.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo Contest - And The Winner Is...

first thank you everyone who sent me photos. there were some really great shots and narrowing them down was pretty hard. my presentation on ultra and trail running at the mountain hardwear store in seattle was good dirty fun. i had so much great video from the last year that i didn't actually even use any photos. but for letting me use them in this blog alone was worth the effort.

here are the top 7- the winner is the last one, and yes it has some sentimental value. but that is what a good photo does. it makes you stop and take a deeper look.. for whatever reason.
not having the full context of the photos i've given them my own names.

baby ultrarunner by thomas riley

serenity now by glenn tachiyama

a day at the show by thomas riley

pac northwest chin scraping by glenn tachiyama

staring contest by greg norrander

canada rocks by mike freeman

the winner!

grand rail by greg norrander

i am saving my pennies for a bd whippet, so i can leave the ice axe at home.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Got a Sweet Photo? Win Some Free Montrails & a Beanie

i'll trade you a pair of montrail sandals and a beanie for a photo.

i'm doing a trail running and ultrarunning presentation on saturday. i was going to email all my friends and ask for some new photos to 'freshen up' the presentation that i presented last year at the portland store. instead .. i'm having a CONTEST! whoever sends me the best trail running photo (in my opinion) gets a coupon card for a free pair of montrail flip flops (i literally live in the molokai) and this sweet nepal beanie. let's recap...

What You Win:

How To Enter:
- email me your wicked awesome trail running photo- Matt AT
small print: deadline for entrants is thursday night (12.11.08) at midnight. even if you don't win, if your photo is truly sweet it might still make the presentation.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Perfect Christmas Gift For a Trail Runner

a perfect and affordable christams gift for that trail runner in your life. all proceeds go to maintaining and making our trails better. it's pretty sweet that nuun & patagonia ultrarunner jamie gifford is featured in febuary. also the calendar includes pretty much every ultra in the country. so you can keep track of what's happening when, and more easily plan your season.

a note from glenn tachiyama..

Hi Everyone!

The 4th edition of the "Tribute to the Trails" wall calendar will start shipping to our resellers today! Here's a peek at what the calendar looks like:

This project is a fundraiser and ALL proceeds from the sales will be directly donated to Washington Trails Association , the wonderful non-profit organization who create, repair and maintain the trails we love to play on. Sweetening the deal, our donation to WTA will be matched by my employer, Bank of America!

Printing costs are the major obstacle for a project like this, and we'd like to thank Coyote Two Moon Ultras , Dirty Girl Gaiters , Drymax Socks , Pacific Coast Trail Runs and UltraRunning Magazine for their generous sponsorship. Gratitude also goes out to ZombieRunner for their online services and all the stores who are donating their time to sell the calendars, the races who made additional monetary contributions, and the athletes and trails that made the images possible.

The price of the calendar is $18 and here's where you can purchase them:


Pacific Coast Trail Runs:

The Balanced Athlete (Kent, WA):
Everyday Athlete (Kirkland, WA):
Fleet Feet Bend (Bend, OR):
Rogue Valley Runners (Ashland, OR):
Seattle Running Company (Seattle, WA):

Please help us by spreading the word...through blogs, web sites, lists, forums, bulletin/message boards, newsletters, running clubs, forwarding this email, word of mouth...because the more people that hear about and support this project, the more the trails will benefit.

THANKS in advance for supporting our project! And we'd love to hear from you...good or bad...your feedback is always welcome!
Glenn Tachiyama
Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs

Sunday, December 7, 2008

2009 Ski Setup - Let the Fun Begin!

let the snow begin is what i should have titled this. after lots of research and emails to friends who simply know more than me, the setup is finally complete... behold.

the skis: K2 COOMBA

the boots: GARMONT RADIUM (make sure you read the great review from chris davenport)



thank you for making this possible and more affordable.
i'll still be paying this setup off for years to come - spend that money!