Monday, December 31, 2007


tagged.. like roger clemens to steriod use. ok that is a bad example but i've been meaning to take a shot at him for a while. the 2007 ultrarunner of the year greg crowther has blog tagged me. it seemed like an appropriate way to remember and round out 2007.

1. Most memorable moment on the trails…
my most memorable moment as a compeditor - mile 25 of big horn wild and scenic 50km. we had just finished the big downhill. i knew i was in 3rd and i hadn't seen 1st in a long long time. the blisters on my feet were bad and 2nd place just seemed to get further and further away as we decended. we came into the trees and the aid station at mile 25 and bam... there is 1st with his hands on his head, shirt off, suffering severely.. and 2nd place right next to him trying to eat and fill bottles looking confused and stumbling around. i filled my bottle and bolted feeling new energy. i was now in first place and 2nd gave chase. i dropped him on the very next climb - adrenaline took over. it went right down to the wire and i thought for a while in that race there was no way of winning. but taking care of myself and patience paid off - and i wasn't even supposed to be fit yet!! sweetness.

close 2nd - smashing my head open on the south sister in oregon on a 45 mile circumnavigation of the three sisters mountains during the "colonel's 100 mile boot camp".

2. Best new trail I discovered in 2007…
my obsession with the olympic national park paid off this year, but i have to give this one to the death canyon trail to static peak (watch the video) in the grand teton national park. june 18, 2007 with sean meissner as my tour guide we hit this after the big horn wild and scenic trail race.

close 2nd - the "the trail of 1,000 waterfalls" meissner and gifford and i ran in the olympics.

3. My best performance of the year was…
the grand teton 100. my first 100 mile ultra. i had two hernias. it was at altitude.. and i pulled out a second place. although handily beaten by andy jones-winkens, i held my own and made him earn it. we both broke the previous course record by hours.

4. I do not know how I previously survived without…
my patagonia 9 trails jacket (no link because i can't find it anywhere). maybe i run with too many patagonia ultrarunners, but this is the most versatile piece in my closet. i've been running all winter in it with just a short sleeve on underneath. through rain and snow, wind and hail the nine trails jacket holds up. it's a composite of wind stopper and light softshell. it was a gift from patagonia ultra runner jamie gifford. i "borrowed" it while pacing him to victory at the cascade crest 100.. after the fact he said "keep it as a thank you". thanks jamie it was unexpected but very much appreciated... and the best gift i received all year. =)

5. The person I would most like to meet on a trail in 2008...
oh i know... matt carpenter, he's a bad ass. and you thought i was going to say dean karnazes!? =)

6. The race I am most excited/scared about in 2008 is…
the hardrock 100 for sure. if i get in, i'll be able to point my OCD lazer focus on this race and it's currently in need of some direction. the course is an ass kicker and with scott jurek, kyle skaggs and justin angle (as well as many others i'm sure) running this one the competition will be fierse... bring it.

now tagging:
hal koerner (i wonder what he'll write for best performance of the year?)
rod bien
wynn davis


Bob Gentile said...

Happy New Year Matt..u had an awesome 07' season and I look forward to following ur 2008 journey!! Rock on Bro!

Hart said...

thank bob! hope you are as excited about this season as i am.

happy new year to you.