Monday, December 31, 2007

My Training Year 2007

this is a snapshot of my last 356 days of training (climb is in meters). it's pretty interesting to look at actually. it's my first year logging all my data in one place so i've never had this luxury before. of everyone on the website i logged the 2nd highest training volume for the year. two major injuries, and one major surgery that combined took me out about 3 whole months.

i'm automatically drawn to the big numbers. how many miles did i run this year? i didn't realize i was so close to getting 2,000 miles on the year, just 49.94 miles short. my biggest week was 206 miles (not normal or suggested - unless your name is anton). in looking at this i feel like it was a good year of racing and training. i have to stay focused on my periodization and taking recovery weeks. it's funny because i frequently have to reassure coaching clients that this is a necessary thing to do.. why is it your own advise is so hard to follow?

what i need is a coach. even a coach needs a coach. it's the objective point of view i'm missing for sure. i am still hopeful that lisa smith-batchen will have time to coach me as we have talked about coaching together... but we'll see. i might just have to ask justin to coach me. what i'm scared about is giving up that control of my training and trusting someone else.

i'm very tempted to make goals like "run more than 2,000 miles with over 300,000 feet of gain". both of which i was very close to. however i didn't realize i was close until just now in looking up the data and it doesn't much matter. what does matter is that i periodize my training volume and intensity correctly for the races that are important to me.. and above all else this year listen to my body, not my head and my ego.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome."-Albert Einstein


Brad said...


Thanks for sharing your log. It's really interesting to look at. It's remarkable how many logs I've seen from elite endurance athletes lately that vary in some of the details but not in general ratios between the different disciplines or training modalities. I guess what works, works. I myself am clearly spending waay too much time on strength training and not enough in the hills:)

Take care.


Zach said...

Only 12,104ft short of covering three Hardrock's! If you stay healthy you'll blow these numbers out of the water, easily. What/how did you record all your data, and keep track of it.


Hart said...

Zach as i noted the climbing is in meters. so it's not 86,896 ft - it's 285,091 ft of climbing.

there are a ton of them out there. i use it's got a bit of an orienteering focus.

BIlly said...

Do you do much weight training? If so, what type? Thanks.


Hart said...

hey billy. as you can see in my yearly break down i did 23hrs of strength training. i do standard weight lifting. i do some low reps but just to switch it up. i do mostly high rep. i also have been doing a lot of multi-muscle type of strength training.. crossfit and monkey bar gym type of stuff that i customize for my and my coaching clients use.

hope that helps.

Billy said...

Thanks Matt