Saturday, December 8, 2007

Flirting With Being Completely Healthy

i am just a couple days from two months post double hernia surgery. i've had a scare or 10 along the way. the latest scare came after ski touring two weekends ago. let's just say things didn't feel right during or after. i decided to take the following week off from skiing and running and i spoke with my surgeon. he assured me this could be normal because the mesh has to reassimilate with the abdomin. so again, i rested.

i tried the abs out again yesterday, 14 miles of awesome pacnw trail running at the middle fork of snoqualmie with the patagonia green runner justin angle and his buddy tom. beautiful snowy trails had me euphoric for the first 45 min or so. for the first time in over a year i didn't feel the abs/hips during a run! i was thinking "so this is what it feels like to run with a healthy body. i can get used to this... it's a lot easier!" however after a few slips on the snow and wet roots the pain reared it's ugly head, but this time with considerable less discomfort than ever. today i feel great and i can do leg lifts with less pain than i can remember in recent memory... it's still there, but it's obviously getting better. needless to say this has me very excited and all fired up about this season.

when i think back to how i ran at the hurt 100k in january of 2007 i recall my strategy to get around the right side abdominal pain i had yet to diagnose as a hernia. it was to make every big step up a log or root with my left leg.. because lifting the right side hurt. sounds ridiculous for 62 miles of constant up or down terrain right? yeah. so the prospect of running without issues slowing me down has me all giddy inside. now i just need to put in the work - but that is the fun part!... and planning my season, that is fun too.


Rod Bien said...

Hey man, I'm glad you're feeling good and strong. Are you still heading out here anytime soon? Looking forward to catching up!

kdcat said...

Matt, I am looking at a hernia repair and live in Seattle. Can you recommend a doctor? Did you have mesh? Any problems? Thanks!