Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2008 Western States 100 Endurance Run Lottery

i will not be getting one of these buckles this year. the western states 100 lottery was saturday and i did not get in. i have mixed emotions about this. for years as an adventure racer i used to dream of focusing on running and seeing how i could do in the biggest ultras, against the best out there. in my observations of the ultra scene the biggest stage seems to be western states 100 and the hardest race seems to be the hardrock 100 (with it's 32,000 feet of gain). they start accepting applications for hardrock on january 1... and i want in!

honestly the terrain and rediculousness of hardrock is more suited to my current skills.. and i know i'll enjoy the training for this more than i would for training for western states. now if the lottery gods will allow me entry! wish me luck.. i'll need it.


Bob Gentile said...

Matt Said: now if the lottery gods will allow me entry!

COME On LOTTERY Gods, let this PEEP into Hardrock... He will train hard and show up ready to ROCK it HARD!!


Congrats Bro you are IN NOW!! congrats!! Start ur training !

Go write ur check and mail it in & let them now Bob from FL said I am in what's my bib # :-)

ahhh love the "ACT AS IF" thinking!

Hart said...

ha, thanks bob!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hardrock will come through.you deserve it!:)

Gary Robbins said...

Crappy dude, good luck on Hard Rock! Good seeing ya this weekend...it snowed a foot here...then rained a foot, ouch!

Te2ro said...

I was sooo disappointed by WS100 lottery...

You can run at Hardrock 08, definitely!!!

P.S. i will go to US next March!!


olga said...

Pray together:)

Geoff said...

good luck with hardrock. bummer about WS. sounds like a lot of fast runners didn't get in. it's going to be a great race but it's hard not to think about how much more exciting it could have been if everyone who would have a shot at winning it were in. i'll be trying to get into hardrock for '09 but with so little experience behind me and with it being my first attempt my odds will be pretty near zero. seems like there has to be a better system.

KendraBo said...

My attitude toward the WS100 hoopla(and not getting in) is one of grand detachment. There are so many awesome races out there - and they deserve to have fast runners, too. So, the way I see it, Hard Rock wins if you get in. :) Good luck, and if it doesn't happen, you'll find another.