Thursday, November 8, 2007

2008 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

ok, it's done. after a month of waffling (it costs $310!) i decided i'd sign up for both western states 100 (the oldest and most prestigous 100 miler) and the hardrock 100 (the hardest 100 miler) and let fate decide which one i run in 2008. there are so many entrants into both of these races that they have lottery systems in place to randomly select who gets to race. this is the case for most of the major 100 milers in the u.s.a. - kind of amazing how many crazy folks wanna run 100 trail miles. the lottery for western states is december 1st, mark your calendars. if i don't get into western states i will apply for hardrock.

my training will be vastly different this year depending on which one i get in to (if any)... either way i'm excited about 2008! the hardrock 100 as a race really speaks to me. it starts in silverton, co at 10,000 feet elevation and over the course of 100 miles it climbs 32,000 feet - it is rediculous, and i like that.
i want one of these!


Trail Goat said...

I just sent my W$ ap in last Thursday. IT may be silly, but that is THE buckle.

I'm waiting to apply to HR until I find out what happens in Auburn on December 1st.

Bob Gentile said...

ummm I bought my first pair of Montrails today --LOL

I just sent u over an email...

ahhh $310 huh this Ultra chitttt adds up huh...You will have a blast at WS, I hope you get in.

ummm Hardrock is just sick & insane...I go look at the photos from past races a few times a month...

I friggn get nauseas just looking at them (sigh)))

saschasdad said...

$310?! Hm, I only had to send $295; apparently Greg S. likes me better.

Hart said...

i signed up online since i waited so long. has to take their cut too.

bryon - thanks for the tip. yes i will wait to sign up for hardrock until after the western states lottery. i couldn't do both.. not well anyway.

bob - nice to hear you have some montrails to try out!

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I'm excited for you. Hope you heal up better than 100% and that training goes well for you. Since you'll have to change up the training a bit for these, what will that do to your AR plans?

Rod Bien said...

don't take my space at WS, damnit!

Rod B.

tetsuro said...

I hope that you can get two participation right of the race.

and i wish next season becomes the better for you.

I cheer for you!

Hart said...

rod, you place 12th last year in 19:20.. i would hope that you have a place in the 2008 race from that performance - right?

.. and thanks good ben

tetsuro! nice to hear from you. will we see you at any usa races this year?

olga said...

What do you mean - you signed up for HR? They didn't post a link yet, did they? I better check it out!
Way too many nail biting friends this coming December 1st...I am with ROd, don't take my spot! LOL!

AJW said...


I am psyched you put in for Western States. Given all the pre-lottery buzz it is shaping up to be the most competitive race in years. Hard to believe but if conditions are favorable it may be that 17:30 is necessary to just crack the top-10! Gotta love it!

AJW (resting in Idaho having run 25 miles over the last two weeks!)

aileen said...

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