Friday, November 16, 2007

How Much Does a Double Hernia Surgery Cost?



Lorna said...

Holy Smokes! There's incentive to recover properly so you don't have to go in for any kind of re-do for having over-done it.

Trail Goat said...

Holy moly! Where's you e-tip jar? ;-)

I trust your recovery is still going well?

WynnMan said...

A perk of having a job. Teaching allows me to have quite a bit of time to enjoy the outdoors/running/etc.. granted it would be nice to have even more at times, but time to rest/recover is also necessary. Along with state pension, so that I can retire early, the great health insurance is definitely a great perk considering I went to the Doc/PT/and some chiro visits this year. 100$ deductiblea and that's it. I would be in debt up to my ass without health insurance. One of the fine lines that comes along with having fun, there is also a fine line of compromise. The work/play issue. Although teaching is probably the best setup for an ultrarunner.

rattle that tip jar.
hope the healing is going well. Great report from Moab.

Glenn said...

I think you got a relatively good deal. That is almost exactly the same amount i had to pay a toyota dealer to put a used engine in my wife's sequioa. I would much rather pay what you did for what you got. I feel like i was dealing with incompetent idiots.

for your amount, you had drs and nurses' digging around in your body. i would assume that you would want competent, skilled, and well trained people doing that. It doesn't come cheap.

Inbedded in that price is a huge amount for insurance that is not in the price of fixing my wife's car. so on whole you got for a lower price a fix that will last your lifetime by well qualified individuals. I got a questionable engine that will last at most 10 years.

BTW, i have high deductable insurance for my family. i would rather be making my own health care choices than having them made by some beaucracy (insurance co or gov.)

Michmas said...

Wanna come back to MS for those golden handcuff benefits? :)