Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

today i am thankful for many things. i'm most thankful however for my crazy family. we have seemingly come from the ashes of dysfunction and have made it work. <here is where i wrote then omitted a diatribe that should be saved for the psychologist.>

i'll keep it short and sweet with visuals instead.

my family (don't know what i'd do without them - and how cute is lil sammy? come on.. nice boots!)

my health (i mean look at what i get to do!)

my friends (friendship has always meant a great deal to me - i have some of the best!)

the ride to the thanksgiving - crisp beautiful seattle day.

hostess with the mostess


Bob Gentile said...

Very Grateful Post...amen Bro

I am thankful I found this Ultra Community one year ago this month!

Happy Turkey Day Weekend!!

olga said...

I am thankful I stumbled into ultrarunning and met crazy bunch fitting my including!

DrSteve said...

Have you heard about the guy survived for 76 hours overboard of the coast of New Zeland? When he was at his worst suicidal moment it was the idea of family that helped him through. He performed a simple but perfect psychological 'technique' with this thought to get him through.

Anonymous said...

Since your blog is public and you haven't turned off the comments function, I'll comment: this is your best post yet.

I enjoy your other entries, too.

Cheers and all the best.