Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Turns of the Year!

a tour in pictures - chinook pass

headed out around naches peak

that pyramid looking peak is where we were headed

our view of mount rainier on the skin up

our view from the summit.. now, we ski!


Laura H said...

Gorgeous!! Can't wait for the videos!

Sue said...

Nice photos, Matt. And WOW on all that snow!! It's ~70 degrees and sunny down here in Oxnard. Come on down for some winter training if you get tired of the cold. :)

runrodrun said...

Finally, some snow, huh?


Hart said...

during this tour we had "just enough" snow - it was scratch and patchy. but last night brought a big storm through dropping 17 inches at mount baker, but just 6" at crystal.

sue i am seriously considering a trip down south this winter for some warmer training. i have to get all healed up first and then i'll let you know!

Gary Robbins said...

Dude, I'm coming down to join you for this before the season is out! Getting my Intuition liners fitted this weekend and am ready to rock my new boots after that!


Hart said...

gr - bring those new boots on down here and let's get out into the backcountry! i can't promise good skiing, but it will be fun.

i've already warned seegs that i'll be up that way soon. i'm planning it as we speak.