Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Next Season

i really can't decide what races to run in 2008.. i just got this remind i set myself. here is the list of 100 mile races i want to do.. but i can't do them all, so i have to start making the hard decisions.


Trail Goat said...

It's fortunate that we are in the position where there are too many things we want to do, rather than not having enough. That said, it is difficult figuring out which races/adventures I most want to do and the whole schedule setting thing is made all the more difficult when you want to run a race with a lottery.

Ps. I love the Horton thrift store bag header you've added to the rotation.

olga said...

And you did send it in, right?

Hart said...

yeah it's nice to have loads of choices.

no! olga i haven't sent it in yet. i'm too busy getting ready for my trip to moab!

Bob Gentile said...

BARKLEY ...ummmm You can leave montrail odyssey's home for this event--lol

and ADD a flare gun to ur list of items to bring :-)