Saturday, October 13, 2007

Laid Up and Blogging

i'm laying around recovering. although i heard each day you should feel considerably better, today seems a lot like yesterday. i can just barely get up off the couch on my own. it's one of those things where you can do it, but it hurts, so i probably shouldn't. anyway, being couch/bed ridden this gives me some time to blog.

the last few weeks have also given me some time to reflect about my own training and how i coach other athletes (more to come on this one). on vacation i reread nutrition periodization for endurance athletes, and started reading daniel's running formula.

karl meltzer and scott mason ( have posted some awesome trail running tip videos on "crashing is part of the deal". true dat.

karl also just did an interview with endurance planet, good stuff:

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  • also check out the new montrail newsletter.


    crowther said...

    Matt, have you seen Patrick Russell's blog?

    He's more of a straight-up ultramarathoner (like me) rather than an all-around adventure warrior (like you), but he's recovering from hernia surgery as well!

    Bob Gentile said...
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    Bob Gentile said...

    Recover well Matt and sounds good to take the time to tweak up ur future Always good to plan, DO and Review!!

    90-120 day cycles is a good gauge to check in on ur results...for any area of your life, unfortunately in todays society most people plan more for a 2 week vacation then they do for their life.

    olga said...

    Hope you can sit by now:)