Friday, October 26, 2007

I Like To Share

"every bite of food we take is an investment we make in our bodies -- or a debt we take out."

great read on grist for parents on eating organic. a couple of quotes i liked:

"A few years ago I did a study with the Environmental Working Group where we measured umbilical cord blood in babies. We found an average of 200 different industrial chemicals in their cord blood at birth. Of the total 287 chemicals we detected, 180 are known to cause cancer in humans and 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system. So I realized that what's "out there" is in us -- even in the most inner sanctum of the womb."

"I'm working most on the food front, and my reasoning is that every bite of food we take is an investment we make in our bodies -- or a debt we take out. It's a vital and immediate impact. And it also impacts our air, land, streams, and global warming. If just 10 percent of our food supply were organic, it would be the equivalent of taking millions of cars off the roads. On farms, about 40 percent of the oil use comes from the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are all oil-based."

i'm currently reading jack daniel's running formula. i ran into this race pace calculator from his book online. all you need is one of your race times and it will estimate how fast you would run other distances.

an episode of keeping up with gouchers (nike distance runners) where the gouchers talk about purservering through injuries. adam had a double hernia as well.


WynnMan said...

Hey Matt, hope recovery is going well, which it seems to be. I couldn't agree more with natural foods intake, as I am a big proponent, although sometimes I often wonder how the ol' lumberjacks up here and the russians who drink vodka and smoke cigs live so damn long.
You should see school lunches! Don't get me going on that soapbox. Just horrible food choice selections many kids make, as I see it every day.

You can check out my links on my site as I have an online version of the Daniel's pace calculator. Good to run a half-marathon sometime during the winter, plug that time in and start training from there. It's a nice starting point.

Bob Gentile said...

ya seen those Gouchers clips a few months ago, was nice to get a refresher.... nice to have those little ole' Nike sponsors--LOL

GEESH talk about some good training facilities!