Sunday, October 21, 2007

24hrs of moab

24 hours of moab mtn bike race: world champion 24hr solo mtn bike racer chris eatough and elite adventure racer jari kirland won this years race in the desert (velonews article). jari beat my friend rebecca rusch, this years 24hr solo world champion. it must have been a good show. my buddy aaron vanderwal was there racing on a team. he gives an entertaining account (and me some props) in his blog titled "I Passed Chris Eatough - 24 Hours of Moab Report".

i know how hard this course is. to date it's the only race i've ever dnf'd. yes, i dropped. i was not prepared to race mentally or physically. i was adventure racing every other weekend with my team DART-nuun, and i had already raced in two 24hr solo mtn bike races is my first season as a mtn bike racer (placing 6th at the 24hr solo mtn bike nationals). the moab course is tough, sandy and unrelenting.. long story short - this raced ended with me weeping in my van. i did however learn some important lessons.

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. " - Beverly Sills

posting and thinking about this race makes me want to get back to 24hr solo mtn bike racing. maybe one early season race if i can swing training properly for it... we'll see.. maybe a may attempt at reclaiming the Northwest NORBA 24hr Solo/WA State Solo Mtn Bike Championship? more on my 2008 season to follow - so many ideas!

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