Thursday, September 13, 2007

super secret trip to the north cascades

this past weekend the patagonia ultrarunning team's "green ultrarunner" justin angle, mike adams and i headed out to the north cascades in washington. i can't believe i haven't spent much time out there. here are photos.. and here is justin's blog on our super secret high altitude retreat. he's getting ready for angeles crest 100 this weekend and he's going to rock it!


Bob Gentile said...

2 words come to mind as I look ar ur photos & short video clips


looks amazing, I might need to move at some point.

Harts Pass -lol

Good luck Justin this weekend

Hart said...

ha.. yeah you should move. florida is for later in life. =)

Doug McKeever said...

Actually, Harts Pass and vicinity isn't unknown to old-time trail runners. Some of us have had great runs there over many years, but there are plenty of trail miles for everyone out there, so it's no problem "leaking the "super secret"!