Friday, September 28, 2007

recipe for disaster or for a fast 50?

... i'm not sure.

sunday night 3 hours of sleep
interbike outdoor demo setup
4 hours of sleep (the smokey hotel started to make me feel sick, sore throat, wheezey)
on my feet all day in the desert at the outdoor demo
repeat for 3 more days
30 hours of travel back east

now i feel sick and exhausted - today i got out of bed, ate, then laid down again. my mother on the other hand put in her 2.5 miles and followed it up with a free weight workout.

i'm leaving tomorrow for my vermont 50 checkin at the ascutney mtn resort in brownsville vermont. the weather in brownsville looks to be cold at the start with highs of 64 degrees. my right side hernia is puffy, my knee still hurts and i'm sick - i can only hope i start to feel better.. or this could be a tough one.


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

You need to log off the dialup, quit blogging and get in as much rest/power recovery as possible. The B.I.H. is going to hurt enough as it is. You don't want to add fatigue to the list of challenges for that 50 miler. Good luck!

Michmas said...

I bet $10 that regardless of how crappy you feel now, that you will still come in in the top 3 :)

Take care of yourself and good luck!

Glenn said...

Maybe you shouldn't race? What does your mom think?

Geoff said...

good luck. guess you're probably just about ready to get started. can't wair to hear how it goes for you.