Thursday, September 27, 2007

hernias leaves and interbike

after flying from vegas to seattle, seattle to new york (red eye), and finally new york to portland, maine. i'm finally here in the shire, the sticks - freedom, new hampshire. no cell service, but deathly slow dial up internet. i feel awful. interbike and the travel has crushed me. i'm on the verge of becoming really sick. it's a pretty time in new england right now, the leaves are turning and the foliage is beautiful. it makes me very excited to run this weekend in vermont. if i wasn't feeling so beat up i'd be itching to get out into those white mountains and run.

hernias: yep. talked to my dr. yesterday. ct scan showed i have bilateral inguinal hernias (hernias on both sides). i am still running the vermont 50 miler this weekend. pain is temporary. surgery is scheduled for friday oct 12th, a couple days after i get back home to seattle. doesn't matter if i have to work on paying this off for the next 5 years - it has to be fixed.

interbike: i was too busy to take photos or blog while there. the outdoor demo was awesome, dusty and hot.. perfect for nuun. i hope to at least add some photos soon.


Jim Phelan said...

How did you do BTW?

Hart said...

I finished! I believe I was 7th place overall. My hernias hurt the entire day so it was a success just to finish. I was not yet recovered from the grand Teton 100 either, which didn't help.