Sunday, September 16, 2007

building blocks

first - congrats to justin angle for running a really strong angeles crest 100 miler! justin finished 4th in 20:38, with a strong field of top runners (results). also have to congradulate ashley nordell for taking 2nd place female in 22:14! great running guys! congrats!

also congrats to my coaching client max israel for his 16th place at the grand columbian ironman. he's been training hard and it paid off on what sounded like a brutal course (results). congrats max!

in other race news.. no big suprise that that brian morrison won the cle elum ridge run today (results).. congrats brian! i volunteered at this one last year and hope to run it one of these years.

i'm slowly coming back to life. the grand teton 100 miler, as expected, put me in my all too familiar recovery hole. each time an ultra distance race puts me there i feel like i'm get better at recovering and dealing with it. it's tough mentally. krissy calls it going from the best shape of your life, to the worst. sure feels like it. now that i'm feeling better and recovered a bit i can build on this progress. as ajw was kind enough to show me in the teton mountains sept 1st - i have a long way to go before i can compete with the best in the sport. but that is the fun of it... training hard, working hard toward my goals, focused effort... achieving the small day to day goals that get me closer to my big intimidating monster goal.

my next race is just 14 days away.. whoa. it's the vermont 50 miler (with 10,000 ft of gain) in brownsville, vt (ascutney mtn resort). i will still be recoverying by the time it gets here. but i'm going to do my best to be ready to run fast.

i'll have this week, well actually just the next couple days to get some key workouts in. today it's speed work at the track, tomorrow it's my last long"ish" trail run of 15 at cougar mtn. then next weekend i'm headed to interbike with nuun. once there the taper starts. daily short runs if i can fit them in, if not that's ok.

then the fun really begins. i'm traveling back home to the shire. my sister lana is loading up the camper!... and the kids! (my neice and 3 nephews!!!) and they are crewing me at the race. this will be one to remember with them there. i'm so excited. hopefully i can find the juju to run well and give them a show. =)

after that it's recovering on cape cod with my family.. i'm excited for that too!

great read in outside on sustainable homes, yep for 10% more than it costs to build a normal house you can build one from recycled materials that is mostly off the grid.


olga said...

Sounds like fun times ahead! May be I should quit my job too...but then again, I haven't saved a penny yet:) Enjoy!

Hart said...

hey i work! i'm a broke stuggling athlete.. but i coach, teach spin and have many nuun responsibilities too!

all the money i saved from working at microsoft is long gone. =(

Bob Gentile said...
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Bob Gentile said...

EDIT*** ooops wrong area....whats this work stuff?? i am allergic to that 4 letter word.
You are going to have such a blast going back to see ur sister & the kids, U will have no problem getting fired up for that race.

You will put the game face on and represent!!

make it a close one though, don't show off to much :-) nahh nevermind DUST them all!

olga said...

hey, that's not what your buddy matt said, he praised you as a saver and mindful spender:) what i mean is i, too, aspire to quit the job i don't like and get on to something that brings me joy and helps others. one day...

Hart said...

that is nice olga.. thanks.

yes, i have this belief that if you aren't happy with your life or your job you need to make real change.. now! we only get one go around in this world... why wait? chase that dream no matter how ridiculous (it sounds to others). i mean a 30 year old with a bad knee and asthma leaving a software career to try and become a professional endurance athlete??? that sounds, ah, stupid.. doesn't it? if you don't try how do you know you can't do it. there really is no difference between those living out their dreams and other people. they just had the cojones to try. even if you fail at least you aren't left with "what if?" when you are old.

it's no doubt i live a much more frugal (and difficult) life now without my microsoft salary, but i haven't regretted leaving for a second - not one. all i need to do is look back over the last 2 years worth of blogs to see how much i've grown through pushing my personal limits and living life to the fullest!

i get frequent "you inspire me" emails from people who read my blog. it's been happening a lot lately and it's fuel to my fire. i know i'm helping others realize i'm no different than they are - you create your destiny - dream big and go for it! what have you got to lose?

now i will step down from the soapbox.