Thursday, August 23, 2007

this weekends excitement!

keep an eye on these events this weekend:
  • cascade crest 100 miler - this is like a seattle ultrarunners home town course, running through the snoqualmie pass area. i was sooo very excited to pace patagonia runner rod bien, but he got injured and had to drop (send him some good healing vibes please!). today i get an email from patagonia runner jamie gifford asking if i'd pace him! i'm in.. this will be my last real run before my 100 miler. i'll run only 15 miles, hyak to kachess lake. i'm super excited to help him. word on the street is "Jared Campbell had to drop with an injury and Phil Shaw ran Leadville last weekend so he will be on tired legs."... also "julie fingar bailed as well". i didn't hear why however and i don't know her.. but i hear she is fast.

  • tour du mont blanc ultra - this one starts tomorrow! with karl meltzer (2006 ultrarunner of the year), scott jurek ('07 hardrock winner and western states god) and hal koerner ('07 western states winner) all in attendance to do battle with the euroes who have won in previous years this will prove to be an amazing event! sounds like my kind of course too - it's now on the "must run" list.

    i love the northface press release for the tour du mont blanc... it mentions karl meltzer, hal koerner and... dean karnazes? "the extreme runner of the The North Face team who is specifically training this year for The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc". my 2 cents? wait for it.. dean's chances of winning this race are slim, and the north face left out scott jurek (possibly the best ultrarunner in the world right now) intentionally because of his comments about dean during his endurance interview.


Anonymous said...


That is funny about the TNF press release. I wonder how they'll handle it if Jurek wins? I smell a Breaking Away moment coming. Jurek better keep his eyes open:)

Good luck with the rest of your taper.


olga said...

Wow, that's gossip worth hearing:) I'll keep my fingers crossed for Scott!!! See you at the start Sat?