Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007 Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run Updates

just spoke with becky gifford. apparently stan holman is leading the race. followed closely by a group of guys running with darcy africa, who is leading for the woman. it's assumed these guys don't know who she is!.. and are running themselves into the ground trying not to get chicked.. ha.

justin angle and i are headed up to snoquamlie now. we are meeting with becky gifford and hopefully will see jamie come through olallie meadows (mile 47.7). i pick him up at hyak (mile 52.7) and run 15 miles (i have my own 100 next weekend) up and over keechelus ride to kachess lake. at kachess lake (mile 67.9) justin will pick him up and run him into the finish. it's going to be exciting. jamie has the most finishes on the cascade crest course going into this race with 7! he's won and held the course record as well in 2004.

i'll be text messaging updates to my blog - not sure how much service i'll get out there but i'll try to do it frequently so you can follow the race.

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Updates consolidated below

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stan Holman 9th in 23:34
posted by Hart at 9:37 AM

Bill Huggins 8th in 23:28!
posted by Hart at 9:35 AM

Sam Thompson in 7th at 23:14... yelling "worst race ever! no course markings!" and slaming his water bottle to the ground.
posted by Hart at 9:21

Bruce Grant (Montrail Ultrarunner) 6th in 23:05
posted by Hart at 9:14 AM

Phil Shaw 5th in 22:54
posted by Hart at 8:57 AM

Keith Kniplin 4th 22:13
posted by Hart at 8:22 AM

Eric Peitzsch from from bozeman 3rd in 21:45
posted by Hart at 7:56 AM

Darcy Africa 2nd in 21:15!
posted by Hart at 7:53 AM

Jamie Gifford (Patagonia Ultrarunner) wins in 20:52!
posted by Hart at 7:03 AM

Jamie Gifford, still in 1st is now on the road about 20 min from winning 2007 ccc 100!
posted by Hart at 6:46 AM

I saw Darcy Africa come at the kackess lake aid station. She is working her way back up after getting off course, i think she was 5th over all 1st woman.
posted by Hart at 12:00 AM

Saturday, August 25, 2007
I just paced jamie in 1st for hyak over kechelus ridge. He was super steady & said that was the most he had ever run of that climb. it rained on us pretty much the whole time. jamie let me wear one of his patagonia 9 trails jackets- super sweet! with my nuun headsweats beanie i was warm enough to help propel him up the boring dirt road climb.
posted by Hart at 11:57 PM

Darcy & Sam got lost. Bad course markings sent them the wrong way. It was actually mis-marked. This allowed jamie & bill to take lead.
posted by Hart at 11:52 PM

Just thru olallie meadows, mile 47 - Sam Thompson? North face guy in 1st. Darcy Africa out 2nd, Stan Holman out 3rd, then Bill Huggins out 4th and our own Patagonia Runner Jamie Gifford out 5th!.. the savy vet is no doubt biding his time before making a move!
posted by Hart at 7:47 PM


rick said...

Hart, thanks for trying to get us more info on the progress of the race.

Bob Gentile said...

Thanks Matt for trying to keep us updated

olga said...

Darcy rocks! I talked to Jamie in the morning too. I dropped at 68 with injury progressing since mile 26. Beautiful course, I'll be back.

WynnMan said...

Great info Matt and footage as well. Thanks for the link and I'll post yours as well. I'm sure you're ready to jump out of your socks right now. Rock it and roll it this weekend!

Hart said...

hey thanks wynman.. yeah i'm ready to race and it's only tues! i leave tomorrow morning for the tetons!