Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mount Hood PCT 50 Mile Pictures

me running up to mt hood to the turn around

me and olga looking at the free pair of montrails i won! who do i give
these too? -my crew at the grand teton 100.. sweet gift!

female winner floren ansley right after she finished

see the rest on


WynnMan said...

Ecellent job! way to roll man!

Ryan said...

Great race Matt and good luck with everything leading up to Grand Tetons!

Hart said...

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice run Matt. Can't wait to see how you go at Grand Tetons after your Mt. Hood tempo run:)


Michmas said...


You are such a stud!! Can I have your legs when you decide to retire? :)

Good luck at the Grand Tetons. I'm going to give Plain 100 a shot!