Friday, August 24, 2007

coaching endurance, and success

just wanted to give a public congrats to two runners i've coached that have done outstanding!

congrats to ellen parker who ran her first 50 miler on july 28, 2007 at the white river 50! that is one tough first 50 too. ellen ran a strong 9:55:01.

also congrats to matthew noell who has done so much for me i can't even tell you.. he's one of my best friends and has been a huge part of my success in ultra distance racing. he's an amazing friend, bike mechanic and motivator (aside from being an amazing dad, business owner, martial artist and microsoft exec!).. yeah he's that good. it was a blast helping him train for his first marathon.. and in true coaching endurance form he didn't just decide to do a marathon, he decided to do one of the hardest marathons in the country as his first - the crater lake marathon!.. and he rocked it in 5:24:07. nicely done dood.

the photo is from the 2005 24hr solo mtn bike norba national championship - matthew was my mechanic and crew. he's balancing his son wilder who was part of my crew as well. here is another photo of matthew "doin work!"

i threw an email out to my close friends asking if anyone wanted to come to the teton mtns and help crew me for what i described as "one of my biggest challenges yet". lots of my friends talk a big game about wanting to be a part of my crew, year after year. as usual matthew was the one who stepped up. he will be my main crew person for my first 100 mile ultramarathon - the grand teton 100 sept 1-2! i can't tell you how excited this makes me. i was truly touched when he threw down and booked his flight. =)

i am lucky to have such a good friend. with him crewing and montrail ultra stud ty draney pacing me the last 25 miles - i have no excuses, and no worries.. just one foot in front of the other.. for around 273,600 steps or so.


Bob Gentile said...

one more weeeeeeeeeeek til GAME TIME!!

and DITTO (good words)
"i have no excuses, and no worries.. just one foot in front of the other.. for around 273,600 steps divided by two equals around 136,800 steps for me--LOL"

Hoping this week goes quick Matt, ready to get this first one under my belt..umm under my feet!!

Hart said...

yes! one week and one day until game time!

good luck to you bob, see you in the tetons!

Lorna said...

Hey there,
Pass on my congratulations to Matthew on the marathon. Awesome accomplishment!
Good luck next weekend.
Remember, you've got a built in South East crew should you ever need it.

Hart said...

hey lorna! remember you have a built in support crew in the pacific northwest!

Trail Goat said...

Oh, you are "Hart" who has commented on my blog. Should have looked into that earlier. ;-)

More on topic, after watching you run at HURT in January, I'm hoping to see you fair as well at your 100 mile debut this weekend. Fortunately, I'll be able to watch your debut in person. Hopefully, I'll see you at the pre-race dinner. Anyways, best of luck to you at the GT100 this weekend.