Friday, August 31, 2007

the calm before the grand storm

i have an internet connection and nothing but time on my hands before the 6am start.. so one last post.
van with a view

i have to thank matthew noell, justin angle and everyone who has wished me luck through email and blog posts - thank you! you have collectively brought me out of the doubt cave i was in yesterday. i have a sports hernia, there i said it - it's not a hip/ab/groin injury.. it's a hernia. i've had it since last october, i've run well with it. it doesn't hurt that bad usually. yesterday i let that tailspin me into the sea of doubt, second guessing myself and whether this was smart or not. my guess is it would have happened with any injury or issue, but the hernia happens to be my biggest issue at the moment so it got all the attention. i've run fast with this injury (i got it at the ron herzog 50k last october), it's had 2.5 weeks to heal up during my taper and won't be a big deal unless i make it one. i'll see the dr. when i get home.

this is part of the course the dirt road on section b, before the 3.3 miles of pavement per loop... ugh.

i just got done with check in, and weigh in. i was happy to be 142 lbs after this taper i feel like i'm 242 (i still think the scale is 5 lbs low however). there was a pam reed sighting involved.. you might remember her from this 2005 outside article where her and dean karnazes fist fight. that sighting was followed by an olga sighting, nice to see her out here to support the race even though she can't run the 100 as planned.

the weather looks to be partly cloudy with highs of 88 and lows of 51. thundershowers are probable for both saturday and sunday. it rained for hours today... let's hope if it rains it passes quickly and happens at the hottest time of day.

#16 is ready to "rip one" as karl meltzer likes to say

there is lots of talk about who will win. smart money says andy jones-wilkens (2006 usatf national 100 mile champion, 1st at vermont 100, 4th at western states). i'm happy to be mentioned in the same sentence honestly. i have been told darren worts from chatham, mass is another one to watch, as well as local stud damian stoy who won the grand teton 50 miler last year - in 8:52.

ty draney and matthew noell show up late tonight. i will hopefully be asleep but that doesn't usually happen the night before a big one. i'll only have a few minutes in the morning to quickly go over my gear with them.. compared to 24hr mtn bike racing this will be easy for matthew (who used to be my mechanic/crew for those races).

numbers are pinned, drop bags are filled, baggies of pills and nuun are ready.. now if i can just go to sleep!- ok i'm out.. follow along live on gt100 website!

self explanatory


KendraBo said...

A hernia? Ugh. You're in good company though... it seems like I never heard of them at least in my peers and now there's talk of "oh you're in the hernia club, too, huh" at the local bars. Notwithstanding that, I hope you have fun at this race. It looks gorgeous. Hang in. (Ahem. Third time trying to "enter the letters as shown in the image" and I'm not drunk.)

AVRacing said...

kick some butt at the g tetons. seatown is pulling for you! cheers

Rod Bien said...

So far looks like you're running a very smart race. I'm sending you some good vibes!! Let em rip!


Anonymous said...

Looking great through 30 miles Matt. Keep it up!


Lisa B said...

nice job so far matt. RFM. you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Matt! Looks like you nailed it. -D Mc