Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who Will Win Hardrock? - Cast a Vote

also here is a good read: Sports Illustrated "Are They All Dirty?". i'm sorry to say it, and i wish it weren't true. lance armstrong probably cheated.

just uploaded this video of ty draney winning the big horn 50 miler too!


rick said...

Hey Hart, thanks for stopping by. Amazing job on the 50k. I'll be sure to come back and read the details. A good race to relive. About your question.

I got my blister kit from ZombieRunner. I opted for the small foot care kit. It'd be great if I can just hand it off to a crew to administer. Learning as I go. The scissors were great until airport security took them. Rather cut blisters than poke them, less chance of refilling.

Moleskin (2)
Benzoin ampules (4)
Alcohol preps (8)
Antibiotic ointment (4)
2" Elastikon tape (1)
1" Micropore tape (1)

Spenco 2nd Skin (2)
Folding scissors (1)
2" x 3" baggies (2)
3" x 5" baggies (4)
Tape spools (2)

Hart said...

thanks rick... yeah big horn was awesome. i'll be going back next year and for years to come hopefully.

thanks for the blister kit info. my last 4 days on the white river course required nightly foot care. i had enough to take care of things but your list is much more extensive.

olga said...

That's a lot of WR running:) So, you like Nitrus? I can't get a feel for them still, hurt under the balls of my feet. Never had it before.

Hart said...

i do like the nitrus. my first day was in the highlander, which i was testing as my 50k shoe. it was great and super light/nimble but not enough support for much past the 32 mile mark. cont divide i race in but only had an 8 with me. after the first two days my feet swelled up and the only shoe that worked was the nitrus. i loved it. roomy toe box and it felt great, although not quite a cush under the ball of foot as the cont divide. i am considering racing in them now.

maybe i'll be rocking a nitrus for your race olga! i'm so excited!

WynnMan said...

gotta believe Landis cheated too. Think about running your ballz off at an ultra until you cracked or bonked, then performing the race of your life the next day all against elite competition. I don't know how it's possible, then again I don't know how a drug could react in your system so quickly overnight to make you perform like immortal the next day. Sad days for the tour de farce.

nice job at horn.


Hart said...

thanks wynnman. yeah i read an article where landis's coach said he puts power numbers up like the onese he did that day all the time. but during the tour? after the efforts he had put in the days prior? i think not.

a buddy of mine here in seattle used to race mtn bikes w/landis and is on his "team". he swears he's innocent. who knows.