Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Update

our team manager erik nachtrieb rocks and was at the trioba 12 hour adventure race this weekend providing live updates from the field. if you haven't checked out the dartnews blog yet have a look.. you can even relive the race! here are a couple of the videos.. more to come (both my teammates carried their cameras!)

the finish

talking with dart-nuun about my crash (i'm ok)


Bob Gentile said...

OUCH! ur a tough dude Bro, If I would have went flying off the bike head first I would have just rolled into a little ball and played dead until a hot Nurse came by to comfort my wounds--LOL

Way to continue on and not miss a beat...with that crash & getting lost 2nd place is sweet..Congrats to ur Team

olga said...

congrats, when i saw that "guys talking about matt's crash" sentense, i freaked out. get better sooner, you've got a CR to beat:)